Runtz Smalls

Runtz is just as amazing as you’d expect! With potent effects, Runtz delivers a heavy-headed euphoria coupled with uplifting effects. Users can enjoy smooth vanilla flavors and a fruity aftertaste.

28.3% THC

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Runtz Smalls Strain Review

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Runtz Smalls Strain Features

Effects Happy, Uplifted
Grow Method Indoor
Flavors Candy, Sweet
Suggested Activities Party, Socializing
Strain Category Hybrid
THC Level 28.3%
Weight 28g, 14g

Runtz: A Short and Fruitful History

Runtz is a hybrid with a short history but a long list of praise from consumers. A product of Cookies, a California breeder, known for it’s limited-time flowers. The popular cannabis strain’s an amazing cross between Zkittles and Gelato. The wide range of fruity flavor and fragrance comes from the unique terpene profile, which descends from an impressive lineage.

Skittles is a crossbreed of Grape Ape and Grapefruit and Gelato’s the offspring of Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet. The family tree for Runtz goes back to two Landrace strains, Afghani and African. After reviewing the history of the fruity flowers, it’s clear why the potent product is so popular.

Appearance, Taste, & Aroma

Although it might look good enough to eat, to get the effects of the potent Runtz strain, you need to roll it or put it in your pipe to enjoy the experience. Although the phytocannabinoid acids have medicinal value, they won’t offer that head change you want to enjoy your day or night.

Advantages of Runtz Flowers

While the taste, smell, and appearance of the Runtz strain are part of the plant’s appeal, the biggest advantage of the potent flowers is there effects. Newbies and even seasoned cannabis users get caught up in the candy store characteristics of Runtz and let there guard down, taking several mega-hits off there bowl, bong, blunt, or joint. With 28.3% THC, the few puffs send them to the moon, and it can take a few hours for the trip home.

Runtz is just as amazing as you’d expect! This beautiful flower contains the best attributes from both of it’s parent strains. With potent effects, Runtz delivers a heavy-headed euphoria coupled with uplifting effects. Users can enjoy smooth vanilla flavors and a fruity aftertaste. Order LA Weeds Runtz Strain Delivery in Los Angeles.

What are smalls nugs?

‘Smalls’ nugs are are a great affordable alternative to our top-shelf whole flowers. While they are still considered a bud or nug, they are not the size of large buds that typically weigh multiple grams. Smalls buds are usually the same size as a popped kernel of popcorn and offer nearly the same potency as whole flowers but at a reduced cost.

Runtz Smalls Strain by Marijuana Baba

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