Red Velvet Smalls

True to its namesake confection, Red Velvet delights the palate with a sweet and chocolatey essence, complemented by creamy notes, and subtle undertones of fresh vanilla and a medley of fresh fruits.

THC: 31.2%


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Red Velvet Smalls Strain Delivery

Red Velvet, a hybrid cannabis strain born from the union of Lemon Cherry Gelato and Pina Acai, promises a delectable experience. Its high is as delightful as its name, offering soothing, full-bodied effects that pacify both body and soul.

Experience mental stimulation accompanied by a tingly sensation that awakens your senses, fostering a surge in creativity and a substantial boost in happiness. As your mood elevates, a profound physical relaxation ensues, simultaneously arousing and comforting. Red Velvet seamlessly combines the uplifting elements of mental stimulation and creative energy with a tranquilizing embrace for the body.

Indulge in the harmony of this strain, where the sweet fusion of genetics results in a flavorful and well-rounded journey that satisfies both the mind and the senses.

Flavor & Aroma

True to its namesake confection, Red Velvet delights the palate with a sweet and chocolatey essence, complemented by creamy notes, and subtle undertones of fresh vanilla and a medley of fresh fruits.

The flavor profile is a harmonious blend that mirrors the indulgent qualities of the beloved treat. In terms of aroma, the strain unfolds with a burst of sour citrusy lemon, seamlessly entwined with a creamy vanilla overtone.

As the buds are broken apart and ignited, the fragrance takes on a slightly spicy and woody dimension. This aromatic transformation enhances the overall sensory experience, contributing to the rich and complex bouquet that characterizes the Red Velvet strain, making each inhale and exhale a journey through a delectable and nuanced flavor spectrum.

How does it look? 

The buds of this strain exhibit a peculiar fusion of characteristics, featuring an intriguing blend of airy and dense textures. Within this unique composition, vibrant pink and purple hairs add a touch of exotic allure, creating a visually captivating spectacle.

To further enhance the aesthetic appeal, a generous coating of white trichomes blankets the buds, glistening like a delicate dusting of frost. This unusual combination of airy density, vibrant hues, and a frosty trichome layer contributes to the overall mystique and visual appeal of the nugs.

Prepare to be captivated by the distinctive and enigmatic nature of these buds, as they stand out with their unconventional yet visually stunning qualities.

Suggested Activities

If you have a pressing project to complete, Red Velvet will be your muse. She brings along an overwhelming sense of creativity that’s effortless, giving you the inspiration to finish whatever is before you.

These feelings have a tendency to turn social as well, so hanging out with friends when you’re done is also a great option. Eventually, your high will transform into a relaxing physical experience that lets you simply take things as they come.

Basically, if you want to kick butt in every sense of the word, Red Velvet will be your wingman. The flavors of this strain are so magical that you’ll likely have a hard time putting her down, and depending on what you have going on during the day, that might be just fine.

Enjoy Red Velvet before a busy day at work, during a Sunday afternoon with friends, or on vacation when you really want to relax. She’s a great companion when you’re looking for a balanced and enjoyable set of effects.

What is good for? (medicinally)

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Depression
  • Pain
  • Chronic Stress
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Headaches & Migraines

Alternative Strains 

  • Frosted Flakes
  • Collins Ave
  • Strawberry Milk
  • Blue Gelato
  • Guava Gelato
  • Dragon OG

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