RAW Organic Hemp Cones 6 Pack

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RAW Organic Hemp Cones

RAW Organic Hemp cones are 100% pure and unbleached. The cones were specially designed for a smoker who enjoys an all natural smoke. Raw provides the user with their signature watermark that was designed to give the user a smooth even smoke unlike any other. Each box comes with 6 1 1/4″ cones inside with their ready to use paper tip. –

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  1. Kaitlin Marie Anselmo

    I seriously love these. I love to smoke joints, but no matter how many people try to teach nor how many times I attempt to practice, rolling a good joint is just not in my cards. For those who either have no interest in learning to roll a great joint or fail even with practice, this is the perfect solution. Instead of buying pre-rolled joints, save yourself some money, and roll with whatever strain you’re in the mood for! So simple to use.

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