Purple Diamond (Private Reserve)

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Purple Diamond Cannabis Strain Information

The only known descendant of the popular Mendo Purps, KushFly is thrilled to bring you Purple Diamond. A gorgeous name for a gorgeous strain, this powerful Indica packs a potent punch of THC (close to 25% to be exact). The dense, dark green buds are covered with orange trichomes and purple hues, a light dusting of crystals throughout. The scent is pungent and earthy but gives way to a fruity almost citrus flavored smoke. The effects are euphoric and giddy with an overall soothing relaxation to the body. Those suffering from insomnia or chronic pain would benefit most from Purple Diamond, although patients with a lack of appetite or those who suffer from depression have also had luck with this potent strain. With a strain as powerful as this, it surely won’t last – so get yours while you can!

THC: 23.4%

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Medical Marijuana


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14 reviews for Purple Diamond (Private Reserve)

  1. Kibarnes89

    I really enjoyed Purple Diamond, one of my top new favorites. Very relaxing and sets you in a creative mood

  2. Brett (verified owner)

    I love this strain. It’s delicious. Yelp is a total racket and they run a really sleazy business. But Purple Diamond is great. Avoid Yelp like the plague. Buy Purple Diamond nugs from Kushfly.

  3. Brett Davidson (verified owner)

    Hafta say it again… this bud rocks.

  4. George (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this strain. Slept like a baby! Would definitely recommend to anyone trying to relax.

  5. Grafik (verified owner)

    Nice, tasty strain. Would definitely recommend to anyone who likes relax or needs help with insomnia/sleeping. Would order it again!

  6. sdb635 (verified owner)

    Outstanding. Powerful, quick-acting Indica. A true indica. Euphoric. Quiet. Still. Connected. 1g came as 3 medium/small nugs. Bland nose. Lots of brown hairs, not very snowy. Soft. Fresh. STICKY. Half a bowl and this heavy smoker was GONE. Kushfly hall of fame.

  7. Justin (verified owner)

    A knockout of a strain that put a severe insomniac to bed in a single bowl. Want to relax, look no further.

  8. Calvin Williams (verified owner)

    My favourite on kushfly so far! Smooth and tasty with a great flavour!

  9. bcsurvivor74 (verified owner)

    PURPLE and sticky and yummy! What more could you ask for? I love this strain at night, when it’s time to chill and relax. The Purple Diamond hugs are big and really fresh. Helps me sleep like a baby.

  10. Grafik (verified owner)

    Really tasty strain! One of my fave strains so far. Great for relaxing.

  11. Caroline W (verified owner)

    Consistently great quality Indica, especially for a heavy/long-term smoker. Great for sleep!

  12. Grafik (verified owner)

    One of my faves! Smooth taste and nice, giggly high. Would order again!

  13. Kaur (verified owner)

    Works wonders for sleep! Nice body high that relaxed my muscles and any back stiffness. A bit of paranoia, but that just might be me lol

  14. Amy Cetina (verified owner)

    Best indica Ive had in a while, put me right to sleep.

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