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Pineapple Jack Strain Information

Pineapple Jack is a mostly sativa cannabis strain whose Jack Herer and Pineapple genetics collide, combining their soaring, blissful effects in unison. Tropical fruit and citrus flavors meet the earthy, piney taste of Jack Herer in an unusual pairing of island and tundra aromas. Weightless euphoria lifts the spirits, helping you keep your chin held high amidst stress and depression while still leaving you feeling active and productive.


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  1. Mylo

    It doesn’t get much more appealing than this Pineapple Jack. It has all the vivid coloration one could need, outfitted in a sparkling net of trichomes that give it a vaguely dewy appearance. Opening the lid was like being hit in the face with a cloud of Starburst candy (despite the fact that I do not believe they make a Pineapple flavor.) I have never been disappointed by any Jack Herer cross strains and Pineapple Jack did not break that streak. It was an uplifting and mood lifting high, perfect for moving through a mid day headache spell. I smoked it from the bong and the flavor was out of this world. As I exhale the sugary smoke, I can feel my eyes getting a little smaller and my cheeks moving up into a smile. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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