Peanut Butter Apricot

Peanut Butter Apricot brings a smooth smoke and a delicious flavor.The soothing calmness it provides leads you to a dreamland full of relaxation and giggling.

27.10% THC

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THC: 34.6%Hybrid
THC: 29.7%Sativa

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Peanut Butter Apricot Weed Strain Effects

Peanut Butter Apricot is known for its stoney sedative effects. As soon as you exhale, the effects of Peanut Butter Apricot weed strain will sink in, starting with a cerebral lift before spreading throughout the rest of your body in tingly waves of energy.

These tingles start in the back of your neck and spine before spreading their buzzing tendrils throughout the entirety of your body, leaving you hopelessly relaxed, kicking back without a care in the world – that is, until the munchies hit. Be sure to have some snacks on hand, since you won’t really be able to get up off the couch to hunt for any at this point.

Peanut Butter Apricot Strain Features

Effects Giggly, Happy, Relaxed
Grow Method Indoor
Flavors Earthy, Sweet
Strain Category Hybrid
Suggested Activities Art, Music, Relaxing
THC Level 27.10%
Weight 14g, 3.5g, 7g

Flavor & Smell

With this hybrid bud, the name says it all – the flavor is nutty and earthy with a rich herbal overtone. The aroma follows the same profile, with an earthy herbal overtone that’s accented by rich nuttiness. This bud has a smell that’s said to be just like a freshly opened jar of peanut butter with just a twist of pungent kush.

The flavor is said to be nutty and earthy with a creamy kush effect upon exhale that’s slightly pungent and sour. The taste is reminiscent of cereal with peanut butter, quite sweet, but turning into a sour menthol spice.

How does it look? 

Peanut Butter Apricot strain stands out with fluffy heart-shaped forest green nugs with thin orange hairs and a coating of opaque white crystal trichomes reminiscent of congealed milk. 

Suggested Activities

The Peanut Butter Apricot high is pretty stoney, perfect for kicking back and binging on snacks during the late afternoon. It starts with a cerebral lift that leaves you feeling euphoric and uplifted, although pretty hazy and unable to focus. As your mind falls into deep stoney introspection, your body will succumb to a heavy sedation that can leave you feeling sleepy if you toke a little too much of this tasty bud at once.

It is widely known for its appetite-stimulating effects (get ready to be a bottomless pit), and it’s also a popular choice for tokers who suffer from chronic pain, nausea, depression, and trouble sleeping.

Medical Benefits

  • Chronic Pain
  • Mood Swings
  • Appetite Loss
  • Nausea
  • High Blood Pressure 
  • Migraines
  • Muscle & Joint problems 

Alternative Strains 

  • Biscotti
  • Mendo Breath
  • Gorilla Butter
  • Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Pure Michigan 
  • OGKB

Grow Method

Suggested Activities


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