Night Moves

This strain presents a delightful flavor profile, characterized by a sweet and sugary essence reminiscent of honey herbal tea, complemented by subtle notes of fresh fruity blueberries.

THC: 31.4%

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Night Moves Strain Effects

Night Moves’ high offers an enjoyable and surprising experience. The initial sense of headiness and focus seamlessly transforms into euphoria, accompanied by a complete relaxation of tight muscles.

Despite the initial impression of heading towards a fully relaxed, stoned indica feeling, the high instead plateaus at a point of happiness and relaxation without dulling the cognitive faculties. The brain remains active, engaging in continuous work, thought processes, appreciation, and the enjoyment of stimulation.

This unique and fantastic high distinguishes itself by inducing relaxation without sedation, promoting heightened cognitive function while alleviating stress. It delivers an initial boost of euphoria and a cheerful focus, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking relaxation and socializing with friends.

Night Moves Flavor & Aroma 

The strain presents a delightful flavor profile, characterized by a sweet and sugary essence reminiscent of honey herbal tea, complemented by subtle notes of fresh fruity blueberries.

The aroma mirrors the experience of enjoying a freshly brewed mug of spicy herbal tea, enhanced by traces of blueberries and sweet flowers. This bud encapsulates a sensory journey with it’s pleasingly sweet and herbal taste, coupled with an aromatic blend that evokes the comforting warmth of herbal tea paired with the subtle allure of blueberries and sweet florals.

How does it look? 

The buds showcase an aesthetic appeal with elongated, spade-shaped nugs in a rich forest green hue, accentuated by subtle blue undertones. Abundant thin orange hairs intertwine with the buds, creating a vibrant contrast.

Adding to it’s visual allure, the buds are adorned with tiny, blue-tinted white crystal trichomes, enhancing there overall appeal. This strain not only captivates the palate with it’s intriguing blend of flavors but also provides a visual spectacle with it’s well-defined and aesthetically pleasing characteristics, making Night Moves a sensory delight for cannabis enthusiasts.

Suggested Activities

Night Moves proves to be an excellent nighttime option for indica enthusiasts, guiding them seamlessly into a restful slumber. The initial high delivers a euphoric boost, infusing a cheerful focus.

However, the transient nature of this focus warns users to act swiftly if productivity is the goal, as it dissipates quickly. Soon after, Night Moves transitions into a heady sedation that gently lulls users into a state of relaxation, culminating in a soothing body high.

The combined effects of euphoria, focused happiness, and subsequent sedation make this strain ideal for those seeking a tranquil and restful night’s sleep. With Night Moves, the journey from heightened awareness to serene repose is a seamless and enjoyable experience for indica aficionados.

Alternative Strains 

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  • Chocolato
  • Pina Acai
  • Lunar Window
  • Sour Peach
  • Galactic Grape

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