Moon Bars – Mega Dose Chocolate Bars (250mg THC)

Moon Bars – Mega Dose Chocolate Bars Delivery in Los Angeles


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Moon Bars Mega Dose Chocolate Bar Information

Looking for a small edible that packs a big punch? Our Moon Bars are here to launch you into space, and with 250mg of THC in every bar you will feel like you’re on the moon in no time. These bars are out of this world and with the handy dosage tracker graphic on the backside of each package you can ensure you get the dosage that’s right for you every time.

Immerse yourself in the divine fusion of premium chocolate and potent CBD with our Moon Mega Dose Chocolate Bar 250mg. Indulge in decadent flavors while experiencing relaxation and well-being with every blissful bite. Elevate your senses and treat yourself to a symphony of taste and tranquility today

Moon Chocolate Bar 250mg THC Edibles Delivery in LA

Each 22-gram bar contains 250mg THC, allowing for approximately 10, 25mg THC doses. Moon Bars are good for relaxation, body pain, and insomnia. Prepare for lift off!

Choose for your weed delivery needs in Los Angeles and enjoy access to the highest quality cannabis products in the market.

1 review for Moon Bars – Mega Dose Chocolate Bars (250mg THC)

  1. Laura Laterman (verified owner)

    MollyWolly 10/13/2017
    Moon Bars Mega chocolate looks like one stick of a supersized Kit Kat . Which was enough in common for me to store my Moon Bar in the freezer with his G rated mini cousins. The Kit-Kat connection stops at Silhouette- the giggles, euphoria and magic mushroom effect of these bon bons is all theirs,

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