Many veteran stoners struggle to find strains that make them giggly and uplifted, like how they used to feel when they first started smoking. But RS43 is here to save you.

27.4% THC

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RS43 Strain Effects 

Many veteran stoners struggle to find strains that make them giggly and uplifted, like how they used to feel when they first started smoking. But RS43 is here to save you. This sativa dominant hybrid has a euphoric and uplifting feeling that will have your belly hurting from laughter and your mind stress-free. Users describe the high as silly but entertaining, where you’ll feel more talkative and happy.

Features of RS43 Strain 

The appearance of the RS43 strain is a beautiful cross between both parents. It has the larger leaves and orange strands you see in Pink Guava but is dense and has smaller buds, like OZK nugs. People often say it coats their fingers with a piney and lemony smell, and it’s a pretty sticky strain. Don’t be surprised when little pieces get stuck to your fingers.

Flavor and Aroma 

Opening a bag or jar with RS43 buds releases a room-filling fruity, sour, & rubbery aroma. It also comes with sweet candy notes and a gassy smell thanks to its parent strains Pink Guava & OZK. Many people liken the scent to a new tennis ball or rubber tires, but when you smoke it you get a sweeter flavor on the palate.

While the smell is rubbery & a little bit sour, the taste will shock you with a sweet & fruity flavor. The most abundant terpene found in RS43 is myrcene, making it no surprise that everyone gets these fruity flavors, as this is the terpene found in mangos. If you never know what anyone is talking about when they say a strain tastes like bubblegum or cherry pie, trying this strain can help you get a feel for weed flavors because these are so prominent. 

Suggested Activities

RS43 is popular for those with anxiety because you can forget your worries without becoming attached to the couch. It’s a great strain when you need to relax during a family event, awkward party, or a relaxing beach day. The high is functional with clear headed-ness while still packing the significant punch. 

Many users use this strain to treat conditions like –

  • Mild Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Nausea

Alternatives for RS43 Strain

  • Space Cake
  • Lemonberry
  • Pineapple Kush
  • RS11
  • Silver Haze

Marijuana Baba 

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