Madman OG

Madman OG Strain Delivery in Los Angeles. Madman OG bursts to life with its robust coffee flavors and earthy undertones. A fresh pine scent greets you upon breaking open these deep forest green buds, speckled with bright orange hairs and a healthy sprinkling of crystals.

THC: 27.70%


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Madman OG Strain Information

The one, the only, Madman OG. Don Draper himself would be impressed with this heavy duty Indica dominant Hybrid. A powerful combination of LA Confidential and OG Kush, Madman OG bursts to life with its robust coffee flavors and earthy undertones. A fresh pine scent greets you upon breaking open these deep forest green buds, speckled with bright orange hairs and a healthy sprinkling of crystals. Pack a bowl and inhale the delicious flavors while feeling your body give way to a deep relaxation.

Indoor grown this bud packs a potent punch to any smoker. Patients suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, and nausea all benefit highest from this strain and many women have even reported it helping with cramps during that time of the month. This soothing body high will give way to sleep before you know it so this medication is highly recommended for nighttime use only. Patients have been raving about this strain since it hit the shelves, but here’s one of our favorites:

“Another great Indica for getting much needed sleep/relaxation. Madman OG has a deep green hue and sour/piney scent. After a few weeks hiatus, I decided to give some new strains a try, and Madman came highly recommended. Madman’s smoke is rich and my experiences conclude that the high is slow to take hold, but it’s potent and it lasts. Perfect night-time sleep aid or post-workout recovery strain. Stocking up while I can!”

So skip the Old Fashion and go for something a little more modern tonight, with Madman OG.

THC: 26.1%

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Madman OG Strain Delivery in Los Angeles

Kushfly delivers a curated selection of concentrates, flowers, edibles, and brands for Adult-Use in Los Angeles. You can order online Madman OG and have it delivered to your door in Hollywood, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Studio City, Burbank and most cities in Los Angeles. Simply order online, via text, or give us a call! Delivery to most cities in LA takes under 1 hour. You will receive a tracking link with live delivery updates and ETAs.

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53 reviews for Madman OG

  1. Emma Chindlund

    I usually get the Larry OG but I thought the Madman was even better than that! It’s very potent and left me feeling focused and energized.

  2. Shepard Ori

    The Madman is some Dank stuff. Has an almost coffee like smell to it. Like some dark earthy stuff. It’s a hybrid but still feels more like an Indica that gives you some motivation. This has a very relaxing vibe to it, but doesn’t knock your ass down. You can still function on it. Hit’s fast too. Worth trying if you haven’t

  3. Sienna

    VERY VERY STRONG Stuff. Chill high. Not too energetic. Dank and pungent buds. This stuff is powerful. Was high for a good two hours. Not for those nursing or pregnant or with weak heart conditions lol. This may be my new go to strain from Kushfly.

  4. Daisy

    This is just about as good as it greats. Straight fire!

  5. Rob

    I felt like the Joker after smoking this stuff. Everything became funny. It didn’t make me stupid but it certainly made everything pretty amusing. Very strong too, the giggles will linger. Definitely one of my favorites.

  6. Adrian Harrison

    Your neighbors will smell it. Your governor will smell it. Your grandma across the country will smell it. If you don’t want to share, make sure to smoke it fast, when you let this shit loose, there is no privacy to this pervasive dankness.

  7. Crystal Rose Bryan

    Dank AF. I really enjoyed this high. I felt like an ounce wasn’t quite enough so next time I’ll be at least getting an eighth. Would recommend!

  8. John G

    The first thing you’ll notice about the Madman-OG is the incredible fresh scent – smells like flowers! And the flavor of the smoke is unparalleled – exactly as promised. This is a perfect instance of a hybrid flower – right in the middle, giving me some feel of relaxation while inspiring me to either be creative or watch a movie. Well done, Kushfly!

  9. Bruce Cooley

    Very nice active, focussed head. Not particularly aromatic. A great one for getting things done without nervous energy.

  10. Brenda

    I was able to try the Madman OG and I was not disappointed! The strain put my mind at ease until I felt relaxed enough to sleep despite my pain. I woke up well rested and ready for the day. Definitely recommended for those looking for pain management. Always medicate responsibly and best wishes.

  11. Brandon Castro

    I was reviewing some of the comments on the selections of flowers that were available to order and I saw this one had the most for the OGs. So I figured I’d give it a shot and try it out. It’s really good weed fer sure, smoke too much and try to do too many things and it will give you a headache. But it’s the perfect chill by the beach or at home weed, not to mention it makes you a little horny too, so be advised & prepared for some release 😛 But overall a good flower, would re-order again in the future for usage in the right situations.

  12. Rion Fisher

    It’s smooth and does its indica job! Great selection for sure

  13. Eric Abud

    great taste, mellow mind/body effect, helps fall asleep and stay asleep, helps focus, relax/calm, kills anxiety and racing thoughts

  14. KATYANA Campos

    RE ORDERING coud be all i have to say. I m nominating that one, 5 STAR Weed.
    My fav. then I enjoy the snoop dog n og kush. if we have the same taste you may like this one.

    left me each time in a great mood
    no headache even when I smoked a lot… or while drinkin on my bday
    didnt get me paranoid
    gave me appetite which was great for me too
    slept nicely with it too
    body high was great
    strong, but the perfect strong


  15. Brooke Louise Schooles

    Madman OG was nice!

  16. Ronaldo

    I can’t believe it took me this long to even hear about Madman OG, but I am so glad I did. This is the love child of two of my favorite indicas so there was no way it could disappoint. I love that Madman is potent and effective without affecting my state of mind too heavily. What I mean is that despite the name it is actually not very psychoactive. Very relaxing and great for pain or getting ready for bed. If you are looking for brain stimulation, this is probably not a good fit. Munchies are a strong force in this strain, as well. The buds are packed with THC and orange hairs that look like a classic image of bud. The high feels like a nice buzz that lasts for a long time, if you don’t fall asleep first. Highly recommended for nighttime use or other lazier situations.

  17. VBalto (verified owner)

    Potent, gives you what you need and will have you pretty chill. Not too chill to the point where you’re stuck on the couch, but pretty good after a long day.

  18. Justyna Pitura (verified owner)

    Madman is VERY STRONG in all the right ways. It has a great woody & smoky aftertaste. I believe I have a pretty high tolerance but after one hit I was pleasantly surprised … It’s an amazing body & mind high. I was in a great chill mood… after a few more puffs my toes were tingling 😀 It was awesome. In my opinion this is as good as it gets if you’re looking for for a hybrid/indica. I was super stoned but in the mood to clean, cook, and move around ;D ;D

  19. Katyana (verified owner)

    Good taste.
    Great for my insomnia.
    I really only use it now for night time or I get too lazy n fall as sleep.

    My fav 1 with Mango (day time).

    Cons: dry mouth. I feel extremely dehydrated every time… I drink about 1L/day minimum cause I love water, but I have to drink way more when i smoke it, i even put cucumber or lemon in my bottle to feel better.

  20. Polaarbeaar (verified owner)

    Great dense indica delivering a long and quality high. Fast delivery and best selection around. Highly recommend. Pun intended.

  21. Gary Lazoff (verified owner)

    Madman is a great go to. Fantastic flavor. Tight flowers.

  22. Gary Lazoff (verified owner)

    Aside from SFV OG this is my new go to. Love the high. Tight sticky bud’s, one of the best scents coming from an OG. Works very well against pain.

  23. Katyana De Campos (verified owner)

    Great n strong…. i cant live without it lol

  24. Oscar (verified owner)

    All of Kushfly’s flowers are amazing. Great delivery service. Its super convinient to use the service. The receptionist are always so nice and friendly and they help you out to choose your products for the different needs you might have. Always satisfied with the deals! Kushfly’s drivers are so nice and friendly as well.

  25. Michael W (verified owner)

    Was looking for something to help me sleep and boy did i find it. Uplifting right after smoking and settles into a nice relaxing sleepy high. Doubling my order today while still in stock.

  26. laurie c (verified owner)

    surprisingly strong and i usually only like indicas.

  27. Justin W (verified owner)

    Great flower at a great price… get more for your money and buy a half oz while it last at $125.00… they were all big huge buds maybe 4 of them tht wieghed 14 grams… not bad at all

  28. Elliot (verified owner)

    Smooth deep OG tones with a touch of pine on the inhale, pleasant earthy floral exhale. Madman OG is a personal fave due to its unique aroma, strong potency (save you from reading above: 28% THC,) and versatility as a cost effective all-day indica dominant strain. The high isn’t too sleepy while still offering physical relaxation and pain relief. Madman can be a wake and bake for a relaxed cerebral stimulation or rolled up as an end of day wind down smoke. Would medicate again with Madman OG!

  29. Jonathan L (verified owner)

    Tastes great! Good value. Worth giving it a try.

  30. maddiemeows (verified owner)

    I bought this for my roommates and I- we just moved into a new house- and we’ve been crushing this the past few days. It has brought the house vibe to a very good, mellowed out but not glued to the floor situation. Gave me the courage to pursue a new career. Pretty good stuff. Knocked off one star because my grinder didn’t show up on my order, but the flower was great and the customer service is so nice that I know it was most likely a simple mistake. You guys always come through!

  31. Justin (verified owner)

    This is a great bud. Great price and gets me high Everytime. One of my kushfly gotos!

  32. Emily S (verified owner)

    Madman OG provided me with an instantaneous physical relaxation at the beginning & if nauseated, sore,etc it relieves that as well. The high gave me a laid back, quiet introspection, as well as peaked creative energy. It smoothes down to a cerebral & physical euphoria that will carry one to sleep. Overall an amazing, reliable strain, that meets many medicinal needs, from stress & anxiety relief to sparking creativity to battling insomnia.

  33. Kara

    Lawd have mercy, your neighbors will smell this before you light it, like a giant skunk dipped in gasoline coming at you. It is a depressant, couch cement, sedative, brain-slowing but will not put you to sleep.

  34. Danielle D (verified owner)

    This is my go to strain- chill yet energizing vibes. Potent as hell. 10/10

  35. Corinna Cooper (verified owner)

    Really good, nice and mellow yet you still feel up and motivated.

  36. Patrick Balahan (verified owner)

    Amazing strain, really high quality stuff, hard to find deals that beat this that are delivered straight to your door.

    Really wonderful they have strong strains like this for heavy smokers

  37. Hugo (verified owner)

    I’m not a big fan of Sativa, in turn I’ve not been a big fan of hybrids. Madman OG may change my mind forever – this has to be some of the best I’ve ever used. Two hits and I’m good, more I’m planted for awhile as I enjoy a few brief moments of pain free bliss. Thanks so much for having some of the best product out there – all your stuff is everyone else’s wish list.

  38. Justin (verified owner)

    It was so nice I had to order it twice! It hits very hard in the body but somehow I felt my brain was still quite active. Definite recommend!

  39. Kelby (verified owner)

    Really great flower and happened to catch it at a really affordable price. The taste is excellent, buds were perfectly cured and the high was strong and smooth. Would definitley reorder the Madmen OG again in the future

  40. VBalto (verified owner)

    Quite potent and energizing.

    Worked well for home made edibles too.

  41. Calvin Williams (verified owner)

    Great high and comes extra buddy

  42. bcsurvivor74 (verified owner)

    This Madman is so amazing!! It’s the perfect combo of stony, chill high. The buds are super sticky and smell sooooo good. When the jar is opened, I can smell it from across the room. =) I LOVE this strain and it’s always in my order. BOMB!!

  43. Grafik (verified owner)

    Awesome, chill high. Bud is strong and tastes really good. Would highly recommmed.

  44. Hugo (verified owner)

    This is quickly becoming my go to. I have rarely found 420 this good. For the price I doubt I will be changing things up. Love it all day long.

  45. Ryley Brown (verified owner)

    This is my go-to strain. Never disappoints. Strong enough to numb all pains and sleep well, but subtle enough to avoid being so stoned that I can’t converse with my wife. Perfect hybrid. And price can not be beaten.

  46. Mourad Gueddich

    Very good strain! One of my favorite

  47. Elizabeth P (verified owner)

    I have just ordered this for the 3rd time. Though it claims to be indica, I am a picky, high tolerance sativa queen and am using this during the day while making fabulous art. It is on sale at a ridiculous price for its fine quality, better grab it :)))

  48. Therese Whitten (verified owner)

    Hits the head hard. Great for creating art.

  49. Kelby (verified owner)

    Super consistent, tasty flower. Very potent but still mellow and always at a good price point. Will continue to get and highly recommend.

  50. Amorelle Olsen (verified owner)

    This strain is an incredible value, the quality and potency are really beautiful, presents as top-shelf. Love the coffee and cognac notes mixed in with bright citrus peel, very pungent and complex. Even with a higher tolerance it snuck up on me hard, really nice and relaxing bodily effects with a cerebral rush. I found this strain to be a bit less nighttime-y personally, gives a lot of mental energy and creative inspiration initially, fading into a deeper more restful state.

  51. Hugo (verified owner)

    This is definitely my go to. Two good tokes and you’re set. I have a hard time considering anything else since Madman OG meets my needs so completely. Thanks again Kushfly for having such outstanding products – like I’ve said before Kushfly’s lowest grade products are on everyone else’s wish list. Thanks for being so consistent.

  52. Ruben (verified owner)

    A strong consistent hybrid with a great snap to the Nuggets and great smoke consistency overall great bud!

  53. Ivonne Amezquita (verified owner)

    Seriously one of my favorites.

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