Lowell Herb Co. Pack of 14 Prerolled Lowell Smokes

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Lowell Smokes Lowell Pack 14 Pre Prerolled Joints Highlights. A pack of Lowell Smokes contains fourteen premium 7 gram joints of all organic flower that test between 16%-20% THC.

The Exalted Indica 20% THC :Instantaneous and robust hight. Body relief coupled with intense euphoria. Rich, creamy tropical flavor and aroma. 55% Ambrosia, 25% Ananda, 20% Yeti OG

The Refined Hybrid 19% THC: Uplifting and creative cerebral high. Heavy euphoric body sensation. Chocolate with hints of coffee flavor and aroma. 50% Sour Headband, 25% Ambrosia, 25% GG #4

 The Rousing Sativa 16% THC: Sweetly sour with hints of pine. Pungent diesel like aroma. Fast acting, energetic and rousing cerebral high. 60% Sour Headband, 40% Sour Diesel

Dispensary License No.: A12-18-0000038-TEMP

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