Lowell Herb Co. Pack of 14 Prerolled Lowell Smokes

Lowell Smokes Lowell Pack 14 Pre Prerolled Joints Highlights. A pack of Lowell Smokes contains fourteen premium .5g gram joints of all organic flower.

The Midnight Indica 16% THC

The Creative Sativa 19% THC

The Balanced Hybrid 20% THC


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THC: 21%Hybrid
THC: 21%Hybrid

Lowell Herb Co. Pack of 14 Prerolled Lowell Smokes Delivery


KushFly has partnered with Lowell in order to bring you some of the most pristinely farmed flower in the game. Grown using all organic fertilizer by a community of dedicated family farms, these specially curated flower-only blends seem to instill a unique sense of wellbeing to every sesh. Crafted exclusively by highly-trained budtenders, each pre-rolled joint is packed to the brim with the best quality bud Lowell Smokes has available. Wrapped in discreet Raw cones and packaged in stylish and functional all-natural boxes (sorted by sativa, hybrid, or indica options) they are known to pack a potent punch once smoked. Contains 7 grams of 100% pesticide free, all trim, no shake smokes that test between 18-25% THC.

Lowell Herb Co. Pack of 14 Prerolled Lowell Smokes Delivery in Los Angeles. Kushfly delivers curated selection of marijuana flowers and brands for Adult-Use in Los Angeles. You can order Lowell Herb Co. Pack of 14 Prerolled Lowell Smokes delivery to your door in Hollywood, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Studio City, Burbank and most cities in Los Angeles.

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16 reviews for Lowell Herb Co. Pack of 14 Prerolled Lowell Smokes

  1. Wojtek Stypko (verified owner)

    YES!!! Finally the product I’ve been waiting for. Just ordered this the other night and it’s wonderful. Very convenient to have, the potency is great, not overly strong, but just right. What can I say, my new fave!!

  2. Marjorie8001 (verified owner)

    First look: These pre-roll boxes are delightful! Thoughtfully designed, sturdy, and pragmatic (the box actually has a striking surface for the matches!) On the outside is a label clearly listing the “curated mixture” of flower within. The metallic logo on the flip top and slide out cardboard pre-roll box make reaching for a joint feel like a luxurious experience. On the back is list of the company’s values. These include growing with only organic fertilizer, avoiding synthetic pesticides, paying farmers a proper living wage, and using natural materials from seed to sale.

    Effects: I smoked about half of the pre-roll and within five minutes noticed warmth spreading throughout my body. I found the effects to be relaxing with a slightly spacey head but still fully able to think and interact with other humans. I noticed a pleasant mood but not giggly. About 35 minutes after smoking I noticed feeling hungry, so I had a snack. The next day I smoked the other half before a yoga class and found it to be great for staying centered and balanced during my practice. Awake and productive, I would recommend this for daytime use—it gives a euphoric boost when you’re on the go.

    Overall: I’m endlessly impressed with Lowell Smokes. The artisanal feel of the packaging gives the feeling of unwrapping a high-end box of chocolates. The flower is delicious and potent and the branding is spot on.

  3. David (verified owner)

    Changed the way I buy. The convenience and quality of these prerolls is top notch. The matches built into the packaging is a nice touch.

  4. DustinL (verified owner)

    The packaging and presentation is beautiful. The quality of the weed/high is great, across hybrid and indica (have not tried sativa). My one complaint is that the joints are rolled just a bit too tight, which makes you have to pull a little harder than I typically like. Will purchase again though.

  5. Triestina (verified owner)

    As a lover of joints, I have been trying to find my go to product for a while. I am so happy I came across these, the packaging alone is a solid selling point. I will continue to be buying these from now on! I am sold!

  6. Ana L (verified owner)

    Great packaging. Good for gifts and parties. The weed could be better.

  7. Ana L (verified owner)

    Love this product. The weed is t the strongest but sometimes you want a spritzer instead of a shot. LOL. I LOVE the convenience of it and would totally buy again for myself and for gifts.

  8. ZZ (verified owner)

    I’m a joint lover but new to Lowell. I can’t believe I never tried this before. Better late than never because these are now my number one smokes.

    I’m a sucker for great packaging but even more of a sucker for utilitarian packaging made of recycled materials. The packaging is A++ gold star. The box is sturdy, the graphics are beautiful, the labels are informative. There are matches and a strike area included as part of the packaging for end to end use. That being said, the packaging comes second to the product itself…

    I’m often afraid that excellent packaging masks a mediocre product. Not the case here. Lowell’s herbs are so smooth and clean to smoke. Their blends are carefully curated to achieve certain effects and they hit those marks with flying high colors. I smoked indoors and noticed that more than any other joint I’ve smoked that the smell didn’t linger. That’s how clean of a smoke I had. These are high quality flowers and clearly the folks at Lowell care about the entire user experience.

    Lowell has a new fan and evangelist. I’m converting all of my friends.

    I specifically have tried the Invigorating (S) and Lively (S) blends. Loved both of them. Will be trying the hybrid soon too.

    The Lively blend is absolutely wonderful. It hits hard and fast which I like. Great for daytime use and undesirable chores (I did ALL the laundry).

  9. Natalie

    The powerhouse hybrid has been amazing for my anxiety/depression. Puts me in a better mood post high. It’s all around a great product.

  10. VB (verified owner)

    Favorite product so far. I mainly smoke the sativa and it will get you high (as it should).

    The taste is alright.

    The match book can be tricky sometimes depending how you hold it.

    Very convenient for portability.

  11. TOM (verified owner)

    These Lowell’s are great and Kushfly has the best deal on them having searched the various delivery services.
    Just started ordering from Kushfly recently but I am already a regular customer.

  12. TOM (verified owner)

    These Lowell’s are great. Convenience is important to me and having searched the various delivery services Lowell’s through Kushfly are about as good as it gets. I’ve only started ordering through Kushfly recently but I am already a regular.

  13. TOM ORTENBERG (verified owner)

    Love the Lowell pre-rolled packs! Best value on the market. I’m going to get a Lowell t-shirt like the driver who delivered them. Always a great experience with Kushfly!

  14. Rhonda Bramson (verified owner)

    Loved the product potency, quality, and packaging. Delivery was fast and easy. My one complaint about this product was all joints I’ve smoked so far were rolled too tight. Not an easy draw. It can be remedied.

  15. TOM ORTENBERG (verified owner)

    The Lowell 14 pack preroll are easily the best value on the market. $5 a pop and as good as some they are twice the price.

  16. will s (verified owner)

    I got the Sativa and it was perfect! I’m an everyday smoker and it was perfect for in the mornings to get my day started. The packaging is beautiful and very convenient.

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