Super Lemon Haze

The Super Lemon Haze strain is a sativa cross between “Lemon Skunk” and “Super Silver Haze.” It’s effects usually start with a mellow body buzz that than gives way to an invigorating, focused high fit for accomplishing complex tasks.

THC: 33.7%


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Super Lemon Haze Strain Effects

Super Lemon Haze strain sometimes called “SLH,” is a sativa cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. It’s effects usually start with a mellow body buzz that than gives way to an invigorating, focused high fit for accomplishing complex tasks; increased attention to detail and bursts of motivation and creativity have been reported. Super Lemon Haze is also known to stimulate appetite and it’s pleasant body sensations may even act as an aphrodisiac.

Flavor & Aroma

The smell is very sweet upon opening the container. It’s almost like the smell of a very sweet lemonade, maybe even pink lemonade with just a small hint of floral mixed in there.

Like it’s smell, the flavor is multifaceted. Many people compare the taste of this strain to Lemonheads, the sweet yet slightly sour lemon candy. But in addition to having a sweet lemony taste, it has a lovely, spicy, and deep taste comparable to the taste of cloves.

How does it look?

The speckled light green-and-brown flowers have a dab of orangey-yellow color to them. Predominantly crystalline, each flower features a thick layer of glistening, clear, and resinous trichomes.

Suggested Activities

Super Lemon Haze weed strain provides peppy, energetic effects that keep you buzzing all day long. Despite being relatively low in CBD, this strain is great for alleviating daytime fatigue and stress. SLH can skyrocket your spirits, sharpen your focus, and give you the stamina you need to power through even the toughest day.


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2 reviews for Super Lemon Haze

  1. Patrick S

    I love sativas, and this gives you everything you’re looking for. Very uplifting, fun, energetic high! The most amazing lemon smell with hints of other citrus and fruit. The head high hits super fast & strong, but gives quite a happy-headed energy boost, which I love! It was also one of the longest highs I’ve experienced in a while! I definitely recommend it!

  2. Jonathan (verified owner)

    I tried this flower before my workout, and it was awesome! It gave me so much energy and kept me focused the whole time. I felt really motivated and didn’t get any jitters. Even after my workout, I felt great and recovered faster. If you want a little boost for your workouts, you should definitely try this!

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