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6 reviews for Lemon Drops

  1. Linda

    These 10 mg tart and moderately sweet lemon drops were tasty and did the job just fine. Had a very mild medicinal taste at first. I want to try the 25 mg next!

  2. Logan

    I love these lemon drops. Great flavor. Nice subtle happy relaxed effect. I like to take 1-2 before bed to help me sleep and I don’t have to worry about dry mouth bothering me while I’m trying to fall asleep.

  3. Joshua Bragg

    These lemon drops are my favorite. They take ALL of my stress away and simplify my thoughts without making me feel dumb or forgetful. They loosen up my muscles and my mind so that I can function in a stress free, pain free way for a few hours. I like taking one in the evening while I’m cooking. It starts to work right as it’s time to eat, and then I go for a long walk with my girl and her dog. By the time I get back my mind is clear, my body is relaxed and it’s time to watch a show and go to bed. A+ product.

  4. Lyndon Lamphere

    These are great, particularly if you like lemon drops. A very, very mild effect, but wonderful on a sore throat; a couple a bedtime seem to help with getting to sleep. Out of stock tonight!!!

  5. Sarah Haley

    Very gross.

  6. Aaron (verified owner)

    One of the only hard candy’s. That and they’re the best sized one. Helps had easy so I can eat few over the whole day.

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