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Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain Delivery in Los Angeles


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Kosher Kush Strain Delivery in Los Angeles

The Kosher Kush cannabis strain is an indica strain that originated in Los Angeles, California.  While it started off as a clone only strain, it managed to win the High Times Cannabis Cup Best Indica prize in 2011, which helped the strain to gain popularity.  With high levels of THC, oftentimes as much as 29%, this strain has been considered to be quite tasty of a strain!

Kosher Kush Cannabis Strain Information

The high that comes from the Kosher Kush strain is a typical high for indica strains, and this strain is quite popular among those who are looking for something that is smooth, tastes great, and can help you relax and manage a variety of medical conditions.

Positive Effects: The effects of the Kosher Kush cannabis strain is what you would typically expect from an indica strain, with the uplifting mood and the happy feelings that come along with it.  The euphoria that the consumer can reach after using this strain is a happy one that might leave you feeling incredibly relaxed and able to have a really good time with friends or alone.  The strain is also one that is known to make you quite sleepy! 

Flavor: The Kosher Kush cannabis strain has an earthy flavor and scent which is quite pungent!  It also features an herbal and fruity mixture along with the earthy tones, making it an interesting combination that will excite taste buds!

Medical Uses: The Kosher Kush cannabis strain is ideal for a lot of medical issues, including mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, thanks to the uplifting mood boost that the consumer tends to receive.  It is also great for treating insomnia and chronic pain that is also found in a lot of different medical conditions.  This strain is also used to help with a migraine and headache pain.

User Review: I have crippling anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes when I smoke I get more anxious and freak out. Kosher Kush is one of the only strains I’ve tried that makes me feel good every time I smoke it. I like the taste too, it’s earthy. I have Fibromyalgia too and it helps me deal with the pains.



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2 reviews for Kosher Kush

  1. Jonathan L (verified owner)

    Just what the doctor ordered.

  2. Harrison Levitan (verified owner)

    It’s not matzah ball soup but it’s just as good for the soul! The Kosher Kush hit the spot. Top shelf all the way.

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