King Palm Slim Hand Roll Leaf

King Palm Slim Hand Roll Leaf Delivery in Los Angeles

King Palm Organic Pre-Rolls, Tobacco & Chemical Free, Super Slow Burning, 100% Real Palm Leaf. Easy to Use with a Pre-Build Natural Corn Husk Crutch. Pack these with your favorite products! Contains ZERO Chemicals – Perfect Natural Alternative! Natural leaf keeps all the natural flavor of the product you are packing with. The Pre-Roll Cone Dispenser includes 50 count tubes, each contains 1 pre-roll.


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King Palm Slim Hand Roll Leaf Wraps


Enjoy hand-rolled natural leaves for those looking for the best slow burning natural leaf on the planet. Put the synthetic and factory produced wraps to rest, King Palm leaves are chemical and preservative free, they do not contain any artificial flavors, and they contain ZERO glue! The natural corn-husk filter will be one of the best filter tips you have ever used, it will help to make sure no loose herbs will fall through and will also eliminate oils from getting into your mouth. We are confident that you will find these natural leaves to be much better quality and much CLEANER than the common wrapping papers on the market.

King Palm Slim Hand Roll Leaf Delivery in Los Angeles

King Palm corn husk filters are the best natural filters on the planet.

Always remember to pack it TIGHT when using with your rolling papers.

Always Hand Rolled

Slow Burning

Tobacco and Chemical Free

Individually Hand Rolled

No Artificial Preservatives, Glue, or Flavors



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