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Jetty Extracts Pure Oil Cartridges Information

For the discerning connoisseur, not wholly focused on THC or potency… but rather, the whole love affair and synergy of the plant. We pay close attention to our extraction temperatures and pressures to preserve as much of the plant’s natural flavors, terpenes and nuance as possible. Strain specific, Jetty Pure has become our flagship product due to it’s great flavor and well rounded effects, testing between 60%-70% THC.

Jetty Cannabis oil Cartridges

2 reviews for Jetty Extracts Pure Oil Cartridges

  1. Colin Hoops

    All in all it worked great. Definitely needed to take quite a few puffs to feel it, that may have been my mediocre vape pen, but it did what indica’s are supposed to do!

  2. Hugo

    Really enjoyed these cartridges – immediate affect that is great for pain management.

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