Island Minis Maui Dream


ISLAND Mini’s are the perfect dose of 100% natural indoor flower, hand-crafted in an unbleached paper cone and packaged in a convenient, book-fold box. These little beauties are everything you want and all you need.

Big flower taste. Perfect little package.

Strain-specific, 100% natural indoor flower means all the signature characteristics of an ISLAND Classic delivered in a smaller format designed for more personal consumption.

Maui Dream Sativa: Let your worries fade away with this island sativa. This tasty sativa lives up to its tropical name. Maui Dream boasts delicious sweet, fruity flavors and a very smooth smoking experience. Maui Dream tends to be a bit less uplifting than most sativas, and delivers a relaxing head heavy feeling and cerebral body sensation. Effects tend to be medium-long in duration, lasting over 2 hours for many users.

Weight: .5g per Joint

5 Joints Per Pack / Entire Pack Contains 2.5g of Cannabis Flower

THC: 20-28%

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