ISH Blueberry Kush Dream Disposable Vape Pen

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ISH pens are filled with 0.5g of all natural, premium distillate cannabis oil. These vapes are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as they produce zero odor. With their sleek and discreet design, ISH premium pens are the first oval shaped disposable cannabis pen on the market. For your convenience, there is a visible oil window to see how much cannabis oil is left in the pen. ISH uses high quality ceramic coils for superior heating functions and to give the best possible vaping experience. One ISH pen lasts around 100-150 puffs, depending on the length of each puff and the intensity of use.

Blueberry Kush-Indica: A strong Indica strain that slowly brings on a heavy body sensation that can help with relaxation and feelings of euphoria.

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