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Green Punch Strain Information

Green Punch is a top quality, rare Sativa packing an energetic punch (pun intended). Although the origins are unknown due to breeder secrecy, users have rated this strain as a perfect blend of relaxation, energy and simultaneous motivation. You can expect a happy, energetic lift and tingling sensation surrounding your entire head after taking just the first puff. Following, you will feel a heightened sense of focus and creativity, which makes Green Punch a perfect strain for smoking during the day or for any time you may need an additional boost of creativity or kick of energy. As the high continues you may have an out of body, psychoactive experience in which your mind wanders about the unknown and your inner creativity flourishes. The strongest effects will be happiness and motivation, with a powerful head high that can elongate a feeling of euphoria.

The strong head effects of this strain make it ideal for medical use, as it can relieve symptoms such as inflammation, chronic stress or anxiety, eye pressure, muscle spasms or cramps, and even glaucoma. The best part is that it tastes of pineapple and sweet tropical fruits with an earthy undertone, allowing you to enjoy the process of smoking it just as must as the positive benefits you will experience.

Green Punch bud is bright green and airy with small round nugs that contain deep, rich purple undertones. Covered in small amber-colored hairs and milky-white crystal trichomes, Green Punch is a dense flower that will knock you off your feet. The aroma is a soft blend of tropical fruits and a potent herbal odor. It is a versatile strain that you can smoke during the day, in the evening with friends, or when you need to accomplish tasks during the weekend. And as the name implies, Green Punch will leave you thirsty for more!

Parent Strains: Green Crack x Purple Punch


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2 reviews for Green Punch

  1. elliot

    FLAAAAVORS! Warning: for best taste, smoke papers. This is NOT blunt weed. The Green Punch is damn tasty – sweetness of its Purple Punch Genetics (guessing) truly come out here. Relaxing, uplifting, and heavy but not intimidating on the high. Would def smoke again.

  2. Michele C (verified owner)

    This is a really nicely balanced hybrid! It produces a nice head high without making you numb – it’s very energetic and leaves you fully functional – no couch lock. In addition, you get a mellow body buzz that is just enough to knock out tension. I definitely recommend trying this one!

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