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Grapes are one of America’s favorite fruits. Grape God is one of the smoking communities favorite strains! Grape God is a result of the cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and God’s Gift. This productive hybrid shares its origins in the Blueberry family of strains (which give it its mouth-watering taste and smell), Grape God has dark green buds with purple waves of hair that gently cascade upon a light coat of frosted trichomes. Its round and dense buds that are not only appealing aesthetically but pack a potent punch.

Grape God is s slow-moving strain. It creeps up with a slow stroll and leaves you with a sleepy and sedated, yet clear-minded high. This strain is best consumed in moderation. If you smoke just the right amount, you’ll be left feeling euphoric, productive, creative and relaxed. Too much will knock you on your feet, so take your time and enjoy the ride. Regardless, your troubles will fleet as a heady body buzz makes itself at home.

Imagine yourself walking through Martha’s Vineyard during harvest. Now imagine that field also grows marijuana. The musky and sweet smells gently waft through your nostrils as you weightlessly meander through the fields. The flavors are a familiar smooth musky sweetness that doesn’t burn your throat, rather it fills your lungs with joy.

Medicinal Qualities of Grape God: This punchy hybrid strain helps alleviate both physical and psychoactive symptoms including, nausea, headaches, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, depression, and chronic stress.

Recommended Activities: Enjoyed the most when consumed at night. If smoked in moderation, we suggest a relaxing, yet creative activity (such as painting with Bob Ross) or a hobby you enjoy on your own. If you happen to smoke more, be prepared to bundle up with snacks nearby, ready to sit and chat or watch a movie – a long movie because you won’t feel like moving.

Music Recommendation:

Artist – Black Eyed Peas

Song – Grapes



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