Georgia Pie

Georgie Pie is a hybrid strain bursting with sweet, fruity flavor and a minty aftertaste. You’ll feel creative and clear-headed after enjoying a few tokes of this indoor grown flower.

THC: 30.70%

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How does it make you feel?

Georgia Pie brings beauty and brawn, but it’s not the type of strain to push you down and hold you there. Instead, Georgia Pie’s potency is much friendlier, beating you up like a playful big brother instead of a bully. While smoking this strain, you’ll feel tingly and a bit out of it, warm and hazy all over.

Feeling lifted, hungry, happy, and aroused, Georgia Pie users flock to the strain to regain there appetite, give up there nausea, or treat an unfortunate bout of insomnia. This strain’s effects run a fine line between energizing and sedating, making you feel a bit of both as you go up and down on a super-sweet ride of Georgia Pie hybrid strain. Many users experience feelings of dry eyes and mouth but the main takeaway is it’s mind-expanding feelings of happy calm

Flavor & Aroma

The taste of Georgia Pie goes down smooth, with a hit of rich, bright cherry flavor mixed with nuttiness, like warm dough. On the exhale, Pie gives you a mouthful of earthiness and herbs as the euphoria sets in. However, the live resin and rosin carries much sweeter, juicier flavors, showcasing that resinous peachy reputation.

This strain is known for having a delicious aroma that smells and tastes just like fresh peach cobbler. However some users describe the smell as something closer to a peach pit – fruity, sweet & acidic, but more nutty & yeasty at it’s core. Those sharp, mouthwatering peach notes play a background role, with the earthy, doughy characteristics taking the front seat. 

How does it look? 

When it begins to flourish, Georgia Pie grows in small, insanely dense nugs shaped like popcorn puffs and speckled with sticky, snow-covered crystals that have hints of lavender coloring beneath. The color of Georgia Pie’s buds ranges from mossy to wintergreen, with small amber trichomes adding a darker shade.

Suggested Activities

Anything more than small, metered hits of Georgia Pie will make anyone unsuitable for public appearances, from rookies to seasoned chimneys. Kept for after-work sessions or nights spent at home, though, this is a magical blend of stress relief and ecstasy. It won’t put you down immediately, but don’t smoke Georgia Pie unless your planted for the day.

The effects are strong out of the gate, melting the face and loosening the body. Low tolerances quickly fade, but regular users will enjoy Georgia Pie’s stamina, which stays strong past two hours with limited grogginess. Wit and words are hard to come by, however, and the comedown is certain.

Medical Benefits

  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety

Alternative Strains 

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Suggested Activities

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  1. RockyGibraltar

    such an AMAZING hybrid to smoke throughout the day!! I got this flower since it was on sale not that long ago and I was absolutely surprised on the great quality of the flower. I love all the amazing deals they offer daily and the customer service is so helpful! Highly recommend this company and all their products!

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