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Blue Cake

THC: 29.3%Sativa
THC: 27.9%Sativa
THC: 31.4%Indica
THC: 34.2%Hybrid
THC: 28.9%Indica


Sweet Garlic

THC: 28.8%Sativa



THC: 27.8%Sativa
THC: 29.5%Sativa

Dr. K OG Cannabis Strain Information

Don’t be scared off by the ominous name – Dr. K OG strain (or Dr. Kevorkian OG) was granted its name by the powerful sleep it will induce following a stellar smoke session. This heavy duty Indica produces light colored buds that are covered in crystals and dark orange hairs. Break the nugs into pieces and you’ll find yourself met with an intense earthy scent. Take a hit and inhale the sweet flavors of fruit and pine. The high is calming yet energized – relaxed yet focused – completely unique to any other Indica strain.

Dr. K OG Cannabis Strain Features

Effects Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted
Grow Method Indoor
Flavors Fruit, Pine
Strain Category Indica

Dr. K OG Strain delivery in Los Angeles

Dr. K OG is a favorite amongst patients seeking a medication that will help with chronic pain, migraines, and insomnia due to the intense couch-lock relaxation that will take over. Those looking for a perfect nighttime medication can stop right here – the doctor is in, and he’s ready to help.

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4 reviews for Dr. K OG

  1. Stephanie Jackson

    It smokes smooth and smells good and fruity. The taste isn’t that harsh and has a sticky feel. It’s has a good density feel when you break it apart.

  2. Emily O’Brien

    I really enjoyed this indica leaning strain. The buds are wonderfully dense, the smell is slightly fruity and musky. It is the perfect accompaniment to the evening/late night. I used it for pain relief in addition to relaxation.

  3. Polaarbeaar (verified owner)

    The buds seem very stringy. The batchbi got was not very dense but seemed like the bottom of the bag. Delivery and service were A+ though. I’d give some other strains another try.

  4. Eriggin (verified owner)

    I use it for sleep and this does the job well.

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