Dabface Nug Run Shatter

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Dabface Nugrun Shatter is from the famous award winning Dabface Concentrates. These high potency concentrates are extracted with solvent rinsing and vacuum-oven purging. You can dab it, vape it or mix it with your flowers. Check out the gear category to see the concentra vape pens.

5 reviews for Dabface Nug Run Shatter

  1. Chad Liston

    I have enjoyed this item!!

  2. Klint Flowers

    Awesome flavor, chem dawg will get you relaxed real quick! Close close second to the Vador Extracts

  3. James Cogar

    This stuff is always pretty solid. Been going for the tangie recently. Great taste and great saliva effects.

  4. Carlos Pimentel

    I’ve tried Pozi Haze (Great Sativa), Super Skunk (Indica), Orange Creamcicle and Flo; all of’em were niiiice.

  5. Victor Perez

    Good Quality. Did not disappoint.

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