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THC: 91.6%Hybrid

Dabface Honey Oil Cartridges

Dabface Cartridges contains cannabis concentrate that was extracted solvent free, and it tests more than 90% THC. Dabface is a northern California extraction company that focuses on the Marijuana Honey Oil extractions. Dab face Gold Honey Oil has these flavors in the menu at this moment;

Super Silver Haze;

This flavor was extracted from Super Silver Haze strains, it has a sweet smell, effects are mostly uplifting, energizing. It helps increasing focus, and since itâ€â„¢s a sativa based extract, it’ll give you the euphoric happy moods.

OG Jack;

This flavor was extracted from OG Jack strains, it has a piney smell, this flavor might be beneficial for stress, anxiety, sleep disorder and pain relief.

Orange Dream;

This flavor was extracted from Orange Dream strains, this is a sativa dominant hybrid honey oil that is a good choice for Blue Dream fans since this is also a cross of Blue Dream and has very similar effects with it which are mostly focus, relaxation, happiness, stress relief.

Cotton Candy;

This flavor was extracted from Cotton Candy strains, it has a floral scent, this flavor might be beneficial for the relaxation, stress relief, and uplifting moods. Since Cotton Candy is a strong strain, it might be too strong for the starters.

Lemon Guru;

This flavor was extracted from Lemon Guru strains, it has a lemon smell, this flavor has mostly OG strain effects. It will be good for happy moods, relaxing, sleep aid and anxiety.

Strawberry Wild;


5 reviews for Dabface Honey Oil Cartridges

  1. Damon Wheeler

    Very nice…so nice it smokes fast…two days maybe three worth of goodness…

  2. Robert Cummings

    I’m giving this one 5 stars because it’s clean, it hits hard, it tastes good, and it’s effective. The Strawberry Wild is very reminiscent of the Strawberry Cough strain – the effect I feel is couch lock – not that you can’t go out and function, but you’ll know it’s on you…so don’t hit it before work in most cases. After work or off days is the perfect time for this strain. As far as packaging and performance, this is a step up – similar to the Honey Vape cartridges which had been my favorite, but doesn’t need that gentle heating to get a good clean, tasty hit.

  3. Joslyn Thomas

    This is not my favorite strain of the Dabface oils, but it’s a good one. It’s mellow and relaxing and doesn’t have any sort of perfumey after taste to it. You can take multiple hits of the Cotton Candy – you could breathe it in all day – whereas other strains like the Pink Lemonade get old quickly, Cotton Candy is good for repeated long term use. I wish it was a little stronger but I’m a heavy smoker with a high tolerance… so maybe don’t trust my word on that. All in all it’s a good product – also the pen vape really is the way to go. Highly recommend these cartridges and the dab face is the best IMO.

  4. Mike Hayes

    One of the BEST I have had from KushFly. They always have the best selection in everything. Def the place to go!

  5. Eli Haupt Jacobson (verified owner)

    Dabface makes some nice tanks. Solid pull. Worth the price. Nice mellow sativa that gave me the munchies hard

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