Cowboy Extracts Wax

Cowboy Extracts Wax delivery in Los Angeles. Potent with good effects, Fairly smooth with zero expansion, and clean burning.


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Cowboy Extracts Wax delivery in Los Angeles

Cowboy Extracts WAX is derived using a subcritical extraction process which is refined using natural gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. Because of our extraction process, we are able to have a lipid rich product that allows patients to enjoy consuming their medicine without the harsh inhale of traditional BHO. We have developed the only process that allows the creation of a “dabbable” wax from a non-butane solvent. The texture of our wax will never change to what some call a “full melt”. Across the board, you will see our non-BHO wax stays consistent in color, texture, and potency.
Cowboy’s extracted cannabinoid products contain on average 60-75% THC. Cowboy Extract’s concentrated products referred to as wax are often golden in color, crumbly, and extremely potent.

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