Blue Mimosa

This flower is famous for its amazing long-lasting euphoric effects. After a few hits, it instantly boosts your mood. Blue Mimosa is known as an uplifting strain with a sweet candy flavor.

28.10% THC

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THC: 34.6%Hybrid
THC: 29.7%Sativa

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Blue Mimosa Weed Strain Effects

If you’re looking for an early morning pick-me-up (minus the alcohol), this bud is totally for you. Blue Mimosa packs bright and happy daytime effects that are perfect for chasing sleep away and giving you a positive mood as you take on your day.

You’ll feel an energetic, clear-headed lift at the onset of the high, which fills your brain with euphoric motivation and laser-sharp focus.

A light tingle accompanies these effects, resting mainly in the body rather than your head. This bud has a sweet and sour tropical citrus flavor with a light berry exhale, almost like a fresh mimosa!


Blue Mimosa strain is easily identifiable due to its covering of milk-white trichomes with a very dark shade of purple from the Purple punch. Along with that, you’ll also find large cone-shaped buds coating densely on its exterior allowing it to resemble the beautiful frosty Mimosa plant.

THC Level / Indica or Sativa / Cross

Sativa – 28.7% THC

Flavor & Aroma

Opening the package released a peppery citrus rush quickly replaced by a fresh grape aroma. This strain has a strong smell and flavor that reminds you of its namesake, with notes of fruit and citrus flavors bursting through.

Suggested Activities

The medicinal purposes of enjoying the Mimosa strain exceed those of real mimosas, we’re happy to report. The strain is known to be an expert at leveling out your mood and relieving stress.

Many who suffer from ADD and ADHD love smoking Blue Mimosa weed strain to calm them down and help them focus on daily tasks. A puff of this strain is also reported to help with depression, migraines, and a loss of appetite.

As you inhale the woodsy, floral flavors mixed with herbs and berries, you’ll be able to think more clearly and work with more focus. This is why we recommend Blue Mimosa as a morning strain, one that you can use as a pick-me-up without worrying about sedation or stress (just remember to keep water handy).

Medicinal Uses

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of Appetite 
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic Pain

Grow Method


Suggested Activities

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1 review for Blue Mimosa

  1. Joey Cook

    This flower is the best morning pick-me-up. It was perfect for boosting my mood & giving me just the right amount of energy to get ready for the day. I was motivated, focused, & clear-headed immediately after smoking it, like magic. I suffer from ADD so i have problems with focus but this flower mellows out my head perfectly and tastes absolutely delicious. I highly recommend this flower for anyone looking for a Sativa that doesn’t give you anxiety.

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