Bhang Stick Vape Charger


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Bhang Stick Vape Charger Battery Kit comes with Bhang Stick Pen(No cartridge), Carrying Case and USB Charger (includes slot for a Cartridge)

How does it work?

Push 5 times quickly to activate, push 5 times quickly to deactivate. Blinking light indicates the change.

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Medical Marijuana Vape

1 review for Bhang Stick Vape Charger

  1. Dean (verified owner)

    After my first several uses, I can say I happy with the durability and sturdy construction of this vape pen/charger. The USB dongle only works with this particular pen. You have to press the button five times to turn on and off – that’s kinda a pain. I like this pen, but something like the FlavRx pen I found on the ground at a Radiohead concert beats this one for durability, construction, compatibility, and ease-of-use.

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