Bhang Black Private Reserve

Ultra Refined Cannabis Oil ,CO2 Extracted- Robust Flavor , 275 MG Pure Cannabis Oil


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Ultra Refined Cannabis Oil ,CO2 Extracted- Robust Flavor , 500 MG Pure Cannabis Oil, 100% Pure Cannabis Oil.

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Medical Marijuana Vape

Potency Results

THC 199.6MG CBD 5.77MG CBG:6.87 MG

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5 reviews for Bhang Black Private Reserve

  1. Mike Harvey

    I wanted to try a new vape cartridge so I got this one and it was stronger than i Expected. Love how universal cartridges and batteries all and how convenient they are to smoke in public. Next time I need to buy a couple at a time because I go through them pretty quick because they are small but very much worth it

  2. David Stein

    Quality stuff. Fast delivery. Thanks Kushfly. Best Cannabis delivery in Los Angeles. I’ll be back for more of this.

  3. DR J

    Dis da primo dank shit. HOT FIRE!! Gets me so high I can’t even find my way honme. Some rips of this and I cant even tell you my own name. My girl always requesting more of this. KUSHFLY keep this shit in stock! Don’t leave me hangin without out by Bhang bitches. Mad toxic

  4. Rennie Quesada

    Good stuff . Will reorder

  5. rashid rahim

    I purchased Bhang Black Private Reserve and Liquid Gold NugRun vape cartridges. The Bhang had excellent strength and worked perfectly. I will definitely purchase more Bhang carts. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the Liquid Gold. The Liquid Gold NugRun was wispy from the start, and stopped working after using less than half of the cart. Truly disappointing. I will not purchase another Liquid Gold cart.

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