The Different Forms of Cannabis; Everything you Need to Know

Legally referred to as Cannabis, Marijuana has been part of civilization for nearly a millennia. It has been used as a recreational substance and also as a medicine and is regarded as the most popular drug in the world. For a better part of the twentieth century, marijuana was prohibited by law, but now the legal landscape is finally giving way to full decriminalization and legalization. Commercial and legal cannabis businesses are already playing a role in the economy. As a matter of fact, these days cannabis delivery can be made right to your doorstep if you place the order online.

Thus, it is safe to say that cannabis is re-emerging into society as an important social, cultural and political force, yet a lot of people are still not fully familiar with it. It is essential to understand that you can find different forms of cannabis these days and can pick one as per your preference. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Marijuana (Flower)

The cured and dried flowers of the female cannabis plant is the most ubiquitous form available. The flowering part of the plant comprise of the richest concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes, which are the most desirable components for recreational and medical marijuana uses.

  • Kief

Found on the top of ‘trichome’, which is a gland, Kief refers to bulbous crystalline and sticky formations. These external resin glands are loaded with chemicals called terpenes, which bring smells and flavors to marijuana. They also comprise of high levels of cannabinoids and all of them interact with the body to achieve marijuana’s signature effects. This form of cannabis can be highly potent, which makes it great for making waxes and various other concentrates.

  • Hashish

If you visit an online marijuana shop, you will come to know that there are numerous cannabis concentrates that are available. Hash or hashish is one of the oldest forms of marijuana concentrate and the cannabinoid-rich resin of the plant is compressed to make it.

  • Tincture

Liquid concentrates that are created via alcohol extraction are called tinctures and they pull out several of the beneficial cannabinoids that are found in the marijuana plant. In fact, before Cannabis was prohibited in the twentieth century, the most common form of medical marijuana found in the United States was in the form of tinctures.

  • Infusions

Not all the forms of Cannabis are for eating and inhaling. The topical products are designed for skin application and they are an important part of the drug’s incorporation into wellness and health lifestyles. The Cannabis-based topicals gained popularity several years ago and they have developed substantially since then. Today, you can find them in various forms, such as bath bombs, lotions, shampoos, soaps and sprays that are all infused with CBD and THC. This makes it extremely easy for people to use them. They can be handy for relieving pain as they provide the benefits of cannabinoids while eliminating their psychoactive side-effects.

You can purchase any form of cannabis that appeals to you and use it for treatment of a wide array of health issues.