Breez Mint Spray

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ROYAL MINT Extra-Strength 10 MG each: Royal Mints put supreme potency in your pocket with 1000mg THC, 10mg THC each in every extra-strength spray. Enhanced with natural terpenes from peppermint oil and vanilla extract. Experienced consumers only. It contains 922.68mg THC, 5.12mg CBD per bottle. Each spray is 10mg THC.

ORIGINAL MINT Stay Fresh 5 MG each: The perfect dose anytime, anyplace. Each metered spray delivers a precise 5mg THC dose. Made with top-shelf cannabis oil and real peppermint for flavor that’s as fresh as the effect. Sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, alcohol-free. It contains 265.96mg THC, 0.61mg CBD per bottle. Each spray is 5mg THC.

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