Gelato Cake Strain Review & Information

What is Gelato Cake?

Gelato Cake is a deeply relaxing strain, reserved for experienced users. Known for its potency and sweet flavor, Gelato Cake will at the same time: stimulate your appetite, relieve pain as well as stress, and cradle you to sleep. This profoundly sedating greenhouse grown strain will keep you calm all night long.

Is Gelato Cake Indica or Sativa?

Gelato Cake properties are from an indica dominant strain. The 75% indica will have you feeling it’s effects all night long, although it is so delicious you won’t mind. It inherited its berry and creamy flavors from parent Gelato #33 while it takes its vanilla frosting taste from Wedding Cake.

Gelato Cake Strain Growing Information

Gelato Cake seeds can be planted to grow indoors or outdoors. Its spirited buds are covered in bright orange pistils, lime and lavender hues, and frosty trichomes. Gelato Cake strain flowering time is about 8-9 weeks. 


Gelato Cake Strain Effects

Kushfly offers Gelato Cake at a high 22.4% THC level and is crafted to cater experienced users. How strong is Gelato Cake? Gelato Cake will provide deeply sedating and tranquil effects all night long for even experienced marijauna users. Medical marijuana patients will enjoy relief from inflammation, cramps, stiff muscles, pain and stress. Those suffering from nausea can use Gelato Cake to help stimulate the appetite for a relaxing night in, ending the night with a deep and refreshing sleep.


Gelato Cake Strain Flavors

As we discovered, Gelato Cake is a very sweet strain. It has the taste of creamy berries and vanilla frosting. But it also has lovely unexpected hints of sour, citrus, and pine making it a complex and layered dessert strain. 


Gelato Cake Strain Smell

First, the smell alone will calm you before the first inhale. Gelato Cake smells exactly has it tastes, in addition you will also enjoy herbal scents. In addition to the aroma of creamy, berry, and vanilla frosting it has a pleasant diesel overtone mixed with a surprisingly sour citrus. 


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