Cherry Pie Strain Review & Information

Cherry Pie Strain Review & Information

We really appreciate your interest in our strain reviews. We always try to deliver the best strains with the most useful information. The flower of the day is the lovely Cherry Pie Strain, let’s see how good it is.

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What strain is Cherry Pie?

Cherry Pie is created by crossing the Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison strains.

Is Cherry Pie an Indica or Sativa?

Cherry Pie is a hybrid that will please your mind and body with it’s great effects

Cherry Pie Effects

It surely aids in increasing bliss, relaxing the body and mind, improving spirits, and focusing consciousness. This might undoubtedly come in handy for those who are looking for something to relieve muscle stiffness and other related ailments. In conclusion, this is the best type of medically beneficial marijuana strain that consumers prefer over all others. Cherry Pie is most typically utilized by patients suffering from PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, migraines, and other stress-related diseases and It alleviates the aforementioned symptoms in the most relaxing order.

Cherry Pie THC Level

This flower is for everyone with it’s not-so-intimidating 25.30% THC level.

Cherry Pie Flavors

It is the smell of cherry pies that gave rise to the name of this medical marijuana strain. It has a piney, hashish-like aroma and a spicy flavor with a sweet, cherry undertone.

Cherry Pie Strain Smell

The smell is similar with more spice and sweet & sour cherry tones that will hit your nose as soon as you broke apart the beautiful nugs.

Cherry Pie Strain Growing Info

Cherry Pie loves warmer temperatures and humidity during the growing period. Dense buds covered in orange hair and a faint purple hue characterize this flower.

Cherry Pie strain review by Kushfly

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