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CBD Dog Biscuits – How They Can Benefit Your Pup!

CBD Dog Biscuits - How They Can Benefit Your Pup!

You’ve probably heard of the endless benefits of CBD, but have you ever considered giving CBD to your pets? CBD has been hailed as a wonder-drug, helping everything from anxiety to cancer. But, were you aware that the benefits aren’t only limited to humans? In fact, dogs (and many other animals) have a cannabinoid system running throughout their bodies just like humans and receive most, if not all, of the same relief provided by CBD as in humans.

Benefits in animals include:

  • Natural pain relief for older dogs or those healing from a variety of ailments
  • Reduces anxiety in high-energy, high strung animals, making it easier to travel with your pal or introduce them to new people/animals
  • Fights cancer, which is a common issue in many breeds of dogs
  • Treats seizures, a rising concern for older animals
  • Helps combat inflammation of bowels and joints
  • Promotes cardiovascular health


Try These CBD Dog Biscuits For Your Pet

Gourmet CBD Dog Biscuits

Hemp Bombs now offers the benefits of CBD to your dog in tasty treat form. Each CBD Dog Biscuit contains 10mg of pure CBD and provides a multitude of potential benefits for your dog. Our CBD Biscuits may offer relief from separation anxiety, hip and joint trouble, irritated skin and more. Our tasty biscuits can be given to your dog daily to help support their overall health and wellness.

Product Info
• 8-Count of CBD Dog Biscuits
• 10 mg of CBD per Biscuit
• 80 mg of CBD total


What is CBD?

THC and CBD have the same fundamental molecular structure, with subtle differences in the arrangement of atoms that makes the difference between getting high and not. If you are following the whole mind-altering route, this is the post you’re searching for.

How Does CBD Affect Animals?

Every human and animal body has an endocannabinoid system, which in short means that it has receptors for cannabinoid compounds like CBD and THC. CBD and THC both interact with the body through the endocannabinoid system, a biological communication system that regulates a wide array of functions.

Why Should I Give CBD To My Pet?

CBD has been known to ease pain and inflammation, stimulate appetite, and deliver anti-anxiety effects. Animals achy joint pain or who are experiencing anxiety are ideal candidates for CBD.

What To Know

When giving your pet something new, always start out with a small amount and closely monitor the effects.

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