Kushfly is transitioning to the licensed cannabis market in California very soon. This is an exciting time for Kushfly and our loyal customers. There will be many changes taking place during this transition, so please review the FAQ below. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, chat or email. We appreciate your patience and continued loyalty!

How is Kushfly.com compliant in the legalized cannabis market?

Kushfly.com partners with licensed cannabis dispensaries to provide customers in Los Angeles with quality products. All brands and products on the
Kushfly.com menu are compliant with local and state cannabis regulations and sourced from legal, licensed cultivators, manufacturers and distributors. Orders from
Kushfly.com are packed and delivered by Kushfly’s licensed dispensary partners.

Does Kushfly sell medical or recreational cannabis?

Kushfly is partnered with licensed cannabis dispensaries in the recreational market. This means all customers must be 21 years old or older with a valid government ID to order through Kushfly.com. All orders are processed by Kushfly’s dispensary partners and delivered by their delivery drivers.

Who are Kushfly’s licensed dispensary partners?

Kushfly is partnered with Fountain of Wellbeing a Cooperative Corporation in North Hollywood, CA.

Do I need my medical marijuana recommendation to order from Kushfly.com?

No, you do not need a medical marijuana recommendation. You can order if you are 21 years or older, with a valid government ID, for local delivery in the Los Angeles area.

What products can I buy through Kushfly.com?

All products on Kushfly’s menu are licensed brands, sourced from compliant manufacturers and cultivators. State regulations require that all products are packaged and labeled with compliant information for consumers, and adhere to state law regarding THC content. Current law limits edible products for recreational sale to 100mg of THC per package, and cannabis concentrates to 1000mg THC per product.

Where do Kushfly’s dispensary partners deliver?

Kushfly’s dispensary partners deliver to the greater Los Angeles, CA area. To check delivery times and order minimums for your particular zip code, please type it in on the home page.

How are taxes are calculated on my order?

Recreational cannabis is taxed on all orders. This may include:

California State Excise Tax

Local Sales Tax

California Sales Tax

Depending on your delivery address, you may see all of these taxes on your invoice.

How much product can I order through Kushfly per day?

California law limits recreational cannabis purchases to 1 ounce per customer per day.