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With RAW Pre-Rolled Tips you can make a perfectly cool smoke every single time.
Some people have the knack of rolling their tips into a cool “W” shape, some people don’t. If you are one of the latter ones but really want the extra cooling power that a “W” shaped roach the fret no longer, as you can always buy pre-rolled ones from RAW.
The RSW Pre-Rolled Tips come in a handy ‘matchbox’ style box for ease of use.
As with all RAW products, these tips are made from natural, chlorine-free paper and are vegan-friendly.

1 review for RAW PRE-ROLLED TIPS 21 Pack

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    Great tips! They don’t get soggy or mushy. They making rolling a joint pretty easy too. Perfectly shaped to help get the perfect cone-shaped joint.

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