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Larry OG Strain Information

The Larry OG cannabis strain is a hybrid strain that is also known as being called Lemon Larry, and is another of the famous ocean grown cannabis strains.  This strain is a hybrid of indica strains, and is a cross between the very well known OG Kush strain and the SVF OG cannabis strain.

The Larry OG cannabis strain provides a very potent high when consumed, and because of its effects can be used for a wide variety of medical reasons.  The smell of the strain is almost a pine scent, and can be very pleasing. When in whole form, the cannabis strain often feature longer hairs that are a distinct burnt orange in color, making it easy for them to be identified.

Positive Effects: The relaxing feeling that Larry OG cannabis strain provides to the consumer is quite strong and perfect for those who have trouble calming down and relaxing.  It has the tendency to shift mood to that of a happy, uplifted feeling.  The euphoria that comes with this cannabis strain is mild but not too strong, and it can be ideal for those who are wanting to stay somewhat focused on other tasks.

Flavor: The flavor of Larry OG is a unique one, with a distinct pine flavor combining with citrus and lemon flavors to create a combination of enticing flavors that make it both exciting and original.

Medical Uses: Depression and anxiety sufferers can benefit from the uplifting mood and happy feelings that the consumers get from this strain, as it helps the stress just melt away.  This strain is also great for those suffering from chronic pain, such as back pain, nerve pain, and pain associated with conditions such as severe migraines and headaches.  The Larry OG strain can also be used to help patients suffering from insomnia.

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  1. alvarez (verified owner)

    Great strain, doesn’t make you overly sleepy or incapable of holding a conversation. The perfect strain.

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