Knbis Super Glue (Fat’s Glue)


Super Glue (Fat’s Glue) is a hybrid strain grown by the game changing KNBIS brand. This flower inherits indica growth traits, which shows in its short, thick, trichome rich buds. This powerful strain tests at over 18% THC. Fat’s Glue has a sweet caramel and piney aroma, a true delight for the senses. This frosty flower is perfect for daytime body and mind relaxation and leaves you functional and energetic enough for usual daily activities and social environments. This is a strain that will really let the creative juices start flowing, and might even leave you quite giggly. If you are ready to relax and enjoy your day with a tasty, smooth strain, give KNBIS Super Glue (Fat’s Glue) a try.

KNBIS brand prides themselves on their attention to detail and care they put into their products. You can be sure that when you order any KNBIS product, you will be getting a top quality flower, 100% of the time. This beautiful flower is preserved from the time it is packed, until you pop open the childproof seal and immerse your senses with the taste and smell of this fresh hybrid.


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