Knbis Gypsy (AK-47)


KNBIS Gypsy (AK-47) is a sativa strain grown by the game changing KNBIS brand. Gypsy has a long lasting, uplifting, cerebral high that will leave you alert and engaged in creative or social settings. This sativa has been known as a ‘natural version of adderol.’ It mixes Mexican, Columbian, Thai, and Afgahani varieties, resulting in a perfect mix of delicious flavors and amazingly blended effects. Gypsy has an earthy, skunky smell and a sweet, almost floral taste. This is a great strain if you are looking for an uplifting, daytime friendly sativa!

KNBIS brand prides themselves on their attention to detail and care they put into their products. You can be sure that when you order any KNBIS product, you will be getting a top quality flower, 100% of the time. This beautiful flower is preserved from the time it is packed, until you pop open the childproof seal. Immerse your senses with the taste and smell of this fresh sativa.

THC: 15.82%


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