Green Crack

The cerebral effects of Green Crack are dizzying and immediately put you in an upbeat, focused state of euphoria. You’ll have a clear head and plenty of energy to deal with whatever challenges may arise.

THC: 29.7%


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When naming cannabis strains, creating a name with shock value can be beneficial. Green Crack is possibly the most surprising weed strain on the market. Those unfamiliar with the strain might wonder if it has something more than just cannabis in it. But rest assured, Green Crack is just a clever name for an extremely energizing sativa flower.

What strain is Green Crack?

Green Crack was originally called ‘Cush’ but was renamed Green Crack after Snoop Dogg sampled it and noticed it’s intense sativa effects. Some people still call it by the original name Cush, but most people know it today as Green Crack. This sativa strain is loved for it’s fruity and earthy aroma as well as unmatched energizing effects.

The origins of Green Crack are hazy. Some say that it originated in Athens, GA in the 1970s, while others claim it has Afghani roots. Although the origins are debatable, one thing that everyone can agree on is the results: a trippy and energetic high that’s ideal for daytime enjoyment. Due to the high potency, users will feel uplifted for hours on end.

Surprisingly, the bud structure of Los Exotics Green Crack strain resembles that of an indica flower, with densely packed buds that are on the smaller side. The leaves range from a pale green color to yellow, but some may have streaks of purple as well. The buds are often coated in a thick layer of milky-white trichomes which give them a glistening look.

The beautiful look of the buds is matched by a complex aroma. When properly cured, the flowers give off a bright scent with mellow undertones of pine and earth. Once lit, the buds produce a smooth smoke with a slightly tangy flavor that lingers on the tongue. The smoke can taste spicy and reminiscent of hash on the exhale, perhaps an ode to it’s debated Afghani lineage.

What are the effects of Green Crack strain?

So what kind of high does Green Crack strain deliver? It has a potent and buzzy sativa high that delivers a boost of energy and creativity. Green Crack is an excellent wake and bake strain because it makes the mind awake and focused. Even the most boring tasks like washing dishes can feel exciting thanks to Green Crack.

Those looking for some inspiration will be drawn to Green Crack because it can sharpen your sense of focus and draw your attention to details. Watching a movie or listening to music can quickly become an inspiring task after a few hits. This sativa has slightly psychedelic effects that can cause visual distortion.

Because of it’s energizing and slightly strange feeling effects that it delivers, Green Crack weed strain is not recommended for nighttime use. Smoking this strain before bed could lead to insomnia and some very weird dreams.

Los Exotics Green Crack’s energizing effects make it a great choice for people who suffer from fatigue and depression. This strain could help them live in the moment and deliver more joy, although when consumed in large amounts, Green Crack cannabis strain has been shown to cause slight paranoia.



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