Cobra Extract Solventless Dabs – Wax / Sap

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Cobra Extract Solventless Dabs – Wax / Sap Cannabis Oil Information

Cobra Extracts Solventless Dabs

Wax, crumble, shatter, sap, rosin, all are concentrated forms of THC and provide a concentrated and potent high that can’t typically be matched by their flower counterparts. The difference – how they’re made. Some of the lower-quality brands offering wax use inefficient methods of extracting THC, but that stops with Cobra Extract Solventless dabs.

 The Difference Solventless Dabs Make

Cobra Extracts isn’t necessarily new on the market, but they are making waves with their new and efficient means of extraction, that provide an even more potent product. In fact, Cobra Extracts patented method is so precise and gentle that it does not lose critical terpenes – you know, the oils found naturally in marijuana that help increase your THC high and provide aroma and taste (the difference is truly in the taste!).

 Cobra Extracts uses only CO2 extraction, naturally and with no solvents! This translates to a product that is not only better for you than other extraction methods but is also easier on the lungs than competitors that still use traditional THC extraction.

 The process is simple, yet effective. Put in only pure CO2 oil and naturally purge excess water! The result is some of the purest cannabis oil on the market. Since the oil is not further refined, it is more of a stable sap consistency rather than an oil.

 Medicinal Qualities of Cobra Extracts Solventless Dabs: Dabs, in general, provide a more potent hit with equally potent effects. Solventless dabs are good for treating extreme cases of aches and pain, insomnia, nausea, depression, and other mental and physical illness.

Recommended Activities: Since dabs provide a concentrated amount of THC to the body in one fell swoop, it is recommended to be in a safe environment when consuming. One hit can theoretically knock you out, so be safe when consuming. We recommend a night in with friends or family, enjoying a comedy and good meal, followed by hours of laughter and conversation.

Music Recommendation:

Artist– Alice Cooper

Song– Snakebite


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