Can Of Bliss Platinum OG

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Can Of Bliss prepackaged flower is just as blissful as you would imagine.  Pop open one of their vacuum sealed tin cans filled with 3.5g of fresh potent flower, and let your cannabis journey begin.

Platinum OG is easily one of the strongest indica strains around. Stemming from parent strains Master Kush and OG Kush, this indica is great for those looking for deep relaxation and sleep aid, as it has been known to deliver heavy hitting effects. The beautiful flowers are plump and bright green and generously coated in orange hairs. Platinum OG gives off a strong skunky, earthy smell. This strain is recommended for nighttime use, as it will leave the user in a powerfully sedated state.

THC: 18%

Contains 3.5g of cannabis flower.

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