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CaliKush Co. Pack 14 Classic Prerolled Joints Information Here at Kushfly, we pride ourselves in partnering with local growers who love what they do. Cali Kush co. is one of those brands. They put the same amount of passion and love they have for the product, in the product. This means using responsible practices with premium product and packaging. At Cali Kush Co quality and patient satisfaction go hand in hand. They take industry standards in cleanliness and safety and go above and beyond! Cali Kush Co. flower is organically grown from local farmers who are paid a fair wage. We are involved in every step of the process. From seed to fertilizer, bug control, and packaging, quality and patient satisfaction is our top priority. Each joint contains 0.75 gram of organically-grown, top-shelf marijuana which is at least 10 gram per pack. CaliKush Co premium joints are rolled with care and packaged with purpose. The stylish and discreet packaging was designed with patients in mind, allowing them to transport most anywhere without a second look. Pre-roll packs offer the convenience of joints in discreet and stylish packaging! You can take them just about anywhere! Medicinal Qualities of CaliKush Co: Our high-quality pre-rolled joints offer discreet medicating for chronic stress, everyday aches and pains, depression, insomnia, nausea, and other mental and physical ailments. Recommended Activities: CaliKush Co premium pre-rolled joints are convenient enough to consume at just about any private or outdoor event! Pool parties, backyard barbeques, slow night staying in after a long day of work, or pair them with brunch! No matter where you take your smokes, you’ll be satisfied. Music Recommendation: Artist – Sublime Song – Smoke Two Joints

Cali Kush Co. is a humble gem and It takes great pleasure in providing the best possible quality for their flowers in local farms. You never disappoint when you choose from Cali Kush Co. flowers. The family-owned and operated brand is founded on the basis of reliability and demonstrates its vision by offering budget-friendly yet high-quality cannabis strains.

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