Bloom Farms Highlighter Single Origin Cartridge

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Blue Dream: Named for its fruity bouquet that recalls fresh blueberries, this well-balanced sativa-dominant hybrid carries a satisfying range of mind and body effects. Initial cerebral euphoria boosts motivation, creativity, focus—then shifts into a cozy, mellow body sensation. This versatility makes Blue Dream a tried-and-true favorite of those experiencing physical pain alongside mental stress like exhaustion. THC level is 80% and CBD 0.2%.

Super Silver Haze: his award-winning sativa-dominant cross of Northern Lights #5, Skunk #1 and Haze is equally prized for relief and recreation. With hints of spicy citrus over pungent diesel, it’s known for sustained full-body effects—upbeat euphoria, all-day focus and happy energy—which makes it popular among those with high stress, nausea and suppressed appetite. THC level is 76% and CBD 0.3%.

Dispensary License No.: A12-18-0000038-TEMP

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