Bloom Farms Highlighter Single Origin Cartridge

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Each strain-specific Single Origin is designed for the true cannabis connoisseur. Cultivated and curated within California, each Single Origin is only available in extremely limited quantity. All Single Origin cartridges are made with 100% pure cannabis oil.

Blue Dream: Named for its fruity bouquet that recalls fresh blueberries, this well-balanced sativa-dominant hybrid carries a satisfying range of mind and body effects. Initial cerebral euphoria boosts motivation, creativity, focus—then shifts into a cozy, mellow body sensation. This versatility makes Blue Dream a tried-and-true favorite of those experiencing physical pain alongside mental stress like exhaustion. THC level is 80% and CBD 0.2%.

Super Silver Haze: his award-winning sativa-dominant cross of Northern Lights #5, Skunk #1 and Haze is equally prized for relief and recreation. With hints of spicy citrus over pungent diesel, it’s known for sustained full-body effects—upbeat euphoria, all-day focus and happy energy—which makes it popular among those with high stress, nausea and suppressed appetite. THC level is 76% and CBD 0.3%.

Not compatible with all standard batteries. 

Dispensary License No.: A12-18-0000038-TEMP

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