Alpine Cannatonic 1:1 CBD Cartridge


Alpine CBD vape cartridges bring you the same quality vaping experience you expect from Alpine Cartridges with premium CBD  in every puff. This cannabis vape cartridge is made with Pyrex glass to ensure a stronger and cleaner experience than what you would get from plastic cartridges. It’s dual 3.0 ohm coils give you optimal vapor production and they also come with an adjustable airflow head to allow the most control over your dosage. Best of all, this cannabis vape cartridge is leak resistant so you can travel with your cannabis with confidence.

The CBD formula is molecularly distilled using a solvent free method to produce high quality CBD oil.

Alpine cartridges are filled with 0.5g of cannabis oil.

Cannatonic 1:1 THC|CBD
Cannatonic is a CBD rich strain that is perfect for managing stress and relieving pain.
This strain has a 1:1 THC: CBD ratio

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