Kushfly is now offering delivery to all CBD & hemp consumers everywhere in the US – yup, all states. Order CBD and buy hemp flowers, consumers & patients can now order their CBD needs withdelivery within 3-4 business days. That’s right, now you can order online the best quality medical & recreational CBD products anywhere in the United States of America. Plus –every order comes with a handy tracking number so you can keep tabs on your CBD while they’re en route to your home.Register now and log into your account online – once registration is complete, ordering is as easy as a few clicks away – so let’s Get started!


Kushfly is known for their large selection of quality products. All of the CBD products on our menu have been carefully selected to offer you the best possible choices to suit your needs. From CBD vapes, lotions, hemp flowers, and more, we are sure you’ll find the product you’ve been looking for.
Kushfly is one of the most trusted and well-known delivery services in LA, and we are happy to be expanding to serve our customers nationwide! We make ordering as simple as possible. You can find all the product information, ingredients, CBD %, and more listed on the product pages. We also have an online chat available to answer further any questions you may have.
Ordering is fast and simple! Just create an account with your email and password, choose the CBD products you’d like to order, and add them to your cart. At checkout, enter your delivery address and credit or debit card info. Please note, your billing and shipping address must match.


Orders not meeting the $100 subtotal will be charged a $15 delivery fee. Orders over $100 are qualified for free delivery! So spend wisely!


Orders which are placed on business days before 1 pm will be sent out the same day, and will typically be delivered within 3-4 days in most states. Saturday and Sunday orders will be sent out the following Monday, and orders placed on Fridays before 1 pm will generally be delivered next week.


You’ll get an email about age verification after you place your order. Follow the steps from the email to complete your age verification. Verification should be completed by 1 pm for orders to be processed the same day, otherwise, delays can occur due to late age verification.


All orders will be delivered in a discreet, unmarked box, and will be left at your door or inside your mailbox. Customers do not have to be present at the door for the delivery. Any special delivery instructions should be included when placing your order.

All You Need To Know About

CBD Shipping Across The USA

CBD Shipping Across The USA

All You Need To Know About

CBD Shipping Across The USA

The CBD sector is experiencing a renaissance. It won’t take long for you to recognize that it’s one of the most rapidly expanding categories. These products may now be found almost anywhere, from supermarkets to teen brands. Large stores aren’t the only ones benefiting from growing legalization and awareness. Local establishments, as well as online delivery services, are making movements. Now, Kushfly is bringing you hemp-derived CBD, regardless of your location in the USA. We share your excitement and would like to answer some of the questions you may have.

Despite the fact that hemp-derived CBD is far more widely accepted and legal than marijuana-derived CBD, CBD is still closely monitored and regulated. Here are some elements to consider when determining whether or not your CBD supplier’s CBD is legal to ship.

Shipping CBD is a hard process because you must not only adhere to any shipping carrier standards but also ensure that the product is legal to transport from the point of origin and legal to receive at its destination.

If the CBD business complies with the applicable laws and meets the requirements below, shipping CBD is completely fine and legal.

Have the necessary licenses, such as a grower’s, processor’s, or retailer’s license. Only sell CBD products with less than 0.3 percent THC. Only buy from growers who are registered and working legally. Have a third-party testing procedure in place. The findings of this testing have been documented.

If the business complies with every legal requirement such as Kushfly, It can ship CBD across the USA
Businesses can ship CBD in any form (gummies, water, vapes, edibles) as long as they meet the standards.
THC-O/V/P products, like those containing delta-8 and delta-10 THC, reside in the legal area since they are hemp-derived as well. Kushfly meets all the legal requirements and licenses to ship THC-O/V/P products. With that in mind, making sure of your local laws is also important when you try to order these products to your address from other states.

Plant lovers have been dying to go beyond CBD since hemp became federally legal. Cannabis includes hundreds of distinct cannabinoids with various functions and effects. Why limit yourself to CBD when US law declares hemp, its extracts, and derivatives to be legal? Furthermore, once CBD swiftly flooded the market and lost its value, many entrepreneurs turned their attention to the next big thing.

Today we are going to take a look at THC-O. This cannabinoid is a new legal category that is 100% natural, hemp-derived, and made in the United States. THC-O is a much stronger THC cannabinoid than other THC cannabinoids, and should not be confused with Delta 9 THC.

You already know Kushfly has started to ship THC-/O/V/P products. Last time we evaluate the THC-O variant and today we will have to look at another strong hemp-derived cannabinoid THC-P.
9-Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P) is a naturally occurring analog of THC that was recently found. The inclusion of two extra carbons in the molecular structure of THC-P distinguishes it from “normal” THC. THC-P has seven carbons on its alkyl side chain, compared to THC’s five. This minor distinction is enough to make THC-P far stronger than THC. Despite the fact that this cannabinoid was only found in 2019, it is thought to have existed for a long time undiscovered. Experts believe that THC-P could be the reason why some marijuana strains are so much more psychotropic than others despite having the same or lower THC contents.
Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the two most abundant cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD does not deliver any ‘high’ feelings. Whether in oil, vapor, candies, or coffee, CBD is increasing in popularity for its effects on pain, chronic illness, inflammation, cancer, brain disorders, and much more.
We accept online credit, debit cards, and bitcoin payments. The billing address and shipping address MUST match.
Delivery takes 3-4 business days, and we provide a tracking number so you can easily track your order.