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Category Archives: Style

Trick or Treat!!The Halloween Party Tips with Delicious Edibles.

Halloween and spooky season is finally here! And you’re never too old for Halloween. If you enjoy hosting parties, Halloween offers a novel idea: cannabis infused get-togethers. A great way to share with friends, these parties allow you to enjoy the holiday, even when you’re way too old to go trick-or-treating. Well, Kushfly team got […]

Halloween-friendly Cannabis Goodies To Boost Your Creativity

Yay! Our favorite spooky holiday is quickly approaching which means it’s time to start planning a night of clever costumes, good company, and a good amount of cannabis, too. If you’re looking to celebrate a weed-themed Halloween this year, this blog post is for you! Below are ten Halloween-friendly cannabis goodies we’ve recently curated, all […]

Weed and Wine Pairing

Cannabis can be compared to wine in a variety of ways. They both have complex tastes, earthy, yet sweet aromas that lift your spirit or bring on relaxation. Fruity marijuana strains often pair with Dry Reds, while sweet white wines balance out the more sour strains of marijuana. Both are grown in similar regions and […]