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Women, Science & Cannabis

Women, Science & Cannabis

Presently, women occupy 36% of executive positions in companies that grow, test, sell and market cannabis solutions.

The latest survey of Marijuana Business Daily showed that women own and operate 35 percent of the nation’s retail and medical cannabis shops. Mara Gordon, the creator of Aunt Zelda and Zelda Therapeutics, have been implicated as an MMJ patient when testing and dosing info didn’t exist. This forced Gordon, previously a process engineer, to solve the dosing conundrum. Gordon currently specializes in developing treatment protocols utilizing cannabis extracts of pharmaceutical quality for cancer along with other seriously ill patients. I created the practice with programs and drugs which may be understood. With testing laboratories and software to permit physicians to make dosing recommendations said Dr. Gordon to Women, Science & Cannabis Research Group.

Sarah Blankinship, Chief executive officer of company Right Sciences, formerly worked in international info security for Microsoft. If you’d have told me I was going to wind up from the cannabis industry, I’d have thought you had been smoking too much of what we are talking about tonight, said Blankenship said Apr Pride, creator lifestyle cannabis brand Van der Pop, that was lately acquired by Tokyo Smoke. Believe in feminine marketing methods and insists females are crucial from the cannabis space. Van der Pop’s aim would be to segregate weeds and make it part of an acceptable way of life. Discussing the stigma connected to women’s growing cannabis use, Pride pointed to reports confirming almost 50% of women who attempt CBD cease taking pharmaceuticals once they see how successful it is.

With cannabis expected to blossom to a $50 billion dollar industry by 2026, it’s a goldmine for anybody with the nerve to become involved.

And, everybody knows, if women have anything, it is nerves of steel. For that reason, rather than utilizing the usual modus operandi of their male counterparts, females are producing communities to coexist and excel in the industry. This is the objective of Intersection, which describes itself as a woman drove events business highlighting women in business in businesses, with the obligation to empower women. As AC Braddock said: We all have to do is maintain financing it and doing what we are doing, because we are on the precipice of massive change.

How can we not be with so many women taking the lead in this sector that is determined to do things differently?

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