Will The NFL Soon Be Allowing Marijuana For Pain Treatment?

Will The NFL Soon Be Allowing Marijuana For Pain Treatment?

In striking an agreement with the NFL Players Association this week which calls for further study of other therapies for pain control, the NFL is sending signals that it has an open mind on an issue that gamers have advocated for decades: allowing for marijuana for pain treatment.

That’s just one potential impact which could flow from the health, safety and health agreement, which bolsters commitment to establishing criteria for prescription drug monitoring and raises support for mental health programs.

Yet the extra acknowledgment that marijuana might be considered is important enough, considering how the NFL has not budged to the stage on removing marijuana from the list of prohibited chemicals as part of this medication coverage — even as an increasing number of nations have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal and in a number of instances recreational usage.

It is possible that a newly-formed joint pain control committee, with medical specialists appointed by the group and the union, could supply research that supports marijuana and products containing THC for healing support — and progress the ball on the NFL’s drug policy.

“We’ve asked the committee to look at any and all treatments,” Allen Sills, the NFL’s chief medical officer said while attending league meetings. “We will go where the medication takes us.”

We are going to see. With marijuana still not legalized in many states with NFL franchises, a potential sticking point could exist in establishing a new policy that applies uniformly for all 32 teams, allowing marijuana for pain treatment.

Can that be accomplished if the medicine supports it?

Said Sills, “I’m a doctor, not an attorney.”

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