Wildfires Destroy Tons Of Cannabis Crops

Wildfires Destroy Tons Of Cannabis Crops

Every year, wildfires rage across California, destroying everything in their path. This year has been no different, as the recent wildfires have burned homes and landscapes. Something you may not have though of is also being effected by these intense fires- cannabis crops.

The damage that cannabis crops have endured can go beyond just being burned and destroyed. The smoke from nearby wildfires can effect the cannabis crops and make the weed taste smokey. People familiar with this even call it ‘campfire kush’ as a joke.

David Downs, California bureau chief for Leafly says, “You’re seeing advertisements for cannabis that has been contaminated by wild fire retardant. This cannabis looks red or pink, and that certainly is something you want to throw away.”

Another effect of the wildfires is drought. Many of the farm’s water deliveries are being used to fight the fires, instead of watering the cannabis crops. Less water and lower sunlight exposure, combined with smoke from the fires, just increases harmful insects and diseases. This is obviously bad for marijuana crops and can lower yield and potency.

It’s extremely difficult for the cannabis farmers to bounce back from their losses through insurance and they’re usually left with nothing after a fire.

“Loss from fires and smoke is now factored into the market for legal and illegal cannabis,” Downs says. “Demand remains very high, and supply remains pinched for a number of reasons, and you can’t simply bring Oregon’s legal surplus over the border legally into California.”


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