Why Does Weed Make Everything Funny?

Why Does Weed Make Everything Funny?

How many times have you laughed for no reason because you smoked weed? We can’t count either. But have you ever thought why does weed make everything funny? Today we will look at the funny side of cannabis and why weed makes us giggle.

How does weed affect the brain to make you laugh?

Consuming cannabis boosts blood flow to crucial areas of your brain, some of which are related to laughter. Scientists have spent years attempting to figure out why we evolved the ability to laugh, as well as the science behind why certain jokes are hilarious to different individuals.

However, smoking flowers or ingesting cannabis does not leave only one imprint on your brain. “The better half of the answer is undoubted that it enhances your overall mood and, as a result, makes you laugh more,” Hamblin explained. “That’s accomplished less through changes in blood flow patterns and more through neurotransmitter release,” which occurs when cannabinoids like THC and CBD connect to cannabinoid receptors in your brain.

According to Ember, these receptors “unlock” many types of highs, such as head highs and body highs. There hasn’t been a lot of research into how and why these compounds, as well as the terpenes contained in cannabis, affect your brain, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that they do. According to Hamblin, “THC attaches to cannabinoid receptors, activating the mesolimbic pathway and causing your brain to release dopamine and endorphins,” which are the same molecules you feel when you’re in love or after a particularly strenuous workout. Basically, you’re going to be quite delighted. Laughter is a significant indicator of happiness.

Why Does Weed Make Everything Funny?

Cannabis affects the front section of your brain, which is connected with behavior control. Because laughter is a physical reflex rather than an emotion, the changed state increases the likelihood of the reflex being triggered.

That implies that things you wouldn’t find as funny when sober are suddenly hilarious, and things you wouldn’t find funny at all have a better chance of making you laugh.

This is due in part to the way cannabis reduces. Because the surprise of a punchline or other humorous element is what makes you laugh, lowering your standard for what surprises you will make everything that much funnier.

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